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Jets Mailbag: How Attractive Is the Head Coaching Job to Candidates?

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Today we have the final Jets podcast mailbag of 2020. Thanks to everybody for sending in questions. There were more questions than time to answer all of them. Unfortunately that means many good questions that were submitted went unanswered. If you submitted one of them, please feel free to resend it for a 2021 mailbag. (You could also wait until 2022 if you so choose.)

On today’s show we look at the odds of Trevor Lawrence not wanting to play in Jacksonville, what it means for the Jets to not have the first pick in the Draft, what the Jets should do with the second pick, how many pieces need to be added on offense, how the Jets job rates against other head coaching openings, which players should be part of the team’s long-term vision, whether the Jets can afford to spend big on the offensive line, and more.

Thanks as always for listening.