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Mailbag: How Worried Are You About Week 17 Against the Patriots Costing the Jets the Top Pick?

New England Patriots Vs. New York Jets at MetLife Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Today is our weekly podcast mailbag. Thanks to everybody who sent in questions. As always, don’t take it personally if yours went unanswered. It isn’t a sign that I dislike you. There are always more questions than there is time to answer all of them. If yours was not answered today, feel free to resend it for a future mailbag.

On today’s show we address some concerns over the Week 17 game against the Patriots. Many fans are nervous the Jets might win a game and are wondering whether the team should make a coaching change to increase the odds of losing. I make a straightforward case that Adam Gase is your guy if you want to lose. We also discuss whether the Jets should try to get James Morgan a start and whether Sam Darnold would have been better served with Todd Bowles and Jeremy Bates staying with the team. Additionally I step into controversy by offering my take whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. All of this and more is on today’s show.

Thanks for listening.