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Podcast: Thoughts on the Upcoming Jets Coaching Search

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

In the next few weeks we expect the Jets will begin another coaching search.

Obviously the first aim will be to hire somebody much better than Adam Gase. That will be a low bar to clear.

The team will be looking for more than that, however. The goal will be to find a coach who can build the Jets into a winner. I think that will require more than somebody who is simply a quality coach. That is the topic of today’s podcast.

Through the years the Jets have made poor hires, but their failure has also been due to bigger picture issues. The team has frequently paired people who don’t work together well or have the same visions for building a team. On the show I go through the many examples, the impact it has had on the franchise, and how this next search might go.

Thanks as always for listening.