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NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: Playing Dead

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The New York Jets lost to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, a 13th consecutive loss to start the season. It was as lifeless a performance as you’re ever likely to see. At 0-13 the Jets are the NFL’s sole winless team. The signs the Jets were beginning to become a competitive NFL team that manifested over the prior four weeks were swept away in a humiliating blowout against the Seahawks. The slight rise in the Jets fortunes is just a memory. Surprisingly, however, at least one source still ranks the Jets above #32. Which elicits the question, Pro Football Network, are you actually watching this team?

Pro Football Network

31) New York Jets (0-13)

New York is 0-13 and was dominated by the Seahawks to the tune of 40-3. Missed field goals were a problem, but in reality, that is well down the list of problems in this game for New York. Even in garbage time, the Jets’ offense did nothing. The Jets were just thoroughly outplayed.

Sports Illustrated

32. New York Jets (0-13)

Last week: Loss at Seattle 40–3

Next week: at Los Angeles Rams

With three games left, it’s hard to see the Jets avoiding 0–16. Another West-coast trip, against the rolling Rams, is not an auspicious opportunity.

New York Post

32. Jets (0-13) (32)

Which is worse, losing in the last-second manner the Jets did last week against Las Vegas or via a no-show performance across the board for Adam Gase’s team Sunday in Seattle? It won’t get easier this week against the best defensive team in the league. Next: Sunday at LA Rams

Sporting News

32. New York Jets 0-13 (32)

The Jets went from nearly beating the Raiders to hardly trying to beat the Seahawks. Every time someone gets fired, Adam Gase doesn’t.

With nothing to look forward to other than the coaching staff getting fired, many of the players being replaced, and the #1 overall pick in the 2021 draft, we are just counting days until the season mercifully ends.

What do you think? Are the Jets the worst team in the NFL? Are they the worst team of all time? Where should the Jets rank in the NFL power rankings?