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Podcast: Jets vs. Seahawks Preview

NFL: New York Giants at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets head to Seattle this weekend for a game against the Seahawks.

As they are most weeks, the Jets will be an underdog in this game. This one feels like a particularly difficult task, though. The Seahawks are a quality team. The Jets will be flying across the country. They are also coming off a crushing, last second loss to the Raiders. I usually try to avoid trying to figure out a team’s emotional state after a big victory or defeat, but it isn’t difficult to envision the Jets being totally demoralized after seeing their best chance at a win slip through their fingers last week.

On today’s podcast I give my preview of the game. I am very skeptical of the Jets’ chances, but I lay out what I think needs to happen for this to be a competitive football game.

Thanks as always for listening to the show.