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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at New York Jets Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

An Open Letter to the NY Jet FO and Ownership

mrdells writes a letter to the Jets.

A Giants Fan’s two cents about Williams-Gase

ClayfromBklyn offers an outside opinion about the Jets’ current situation.

Top Comments:

On the Jets loss to the Raiders:

With decades of embarrassing and incredible loses, this Gase /CJ lead franchise finds new ways to set the bar even higher. Amazing!! Truly an epic lose. This franchise know no bounds to proving they are completely inept at playing and or running a football team


Whether this was actively tanking or just bad, incompetent coaching, I don’t think either bodes well for the Jets. I mean to be all in on 1 player just doesn’t make sense to me. Also, if the coaches are actively tanking, that means they know they are given a free pass and will be brought back next year. Think about it. Why would the owners and JD tell Gase and Co to actively lose the game, and NOT promise them their jobs the rest of this year and next year at the very least. Logically it doesn’t make sense. You don’t tell the coaches “Lose this game or else, oh by the way it doesn’t mean I will bring you back next year”. Anyway let’s say we do get the #1 pick, and take Trevor. We need to build around him like ASAP. There’s no waiting. If the point of this year is to land the QB, then you NEED to bring in the right coaching staff, right players and culture change, for it to work. Otherwise this terrible season will be all for naught.


This is what rock bottom looks like for a Head Coach. Somehow, Gase has totally regressed in his abilities. In that process, I feel he has lost the support of everyone around him. There always seemed to be friction between Gase and Williams based on their prior comments. I would love to hear what Loggains would have to say about Gase’s play calling comments as well. I can’t imagine he must’ve been happy to hear Gase fumble that situation in an effort to shed blame for offensive performance. His history with player relationships haven’t been the best since his tenure in Miami and I suspect we’ll see similar reactions with Jets players once he’s fired. I can’t see anyone in that organization supporting him now as he really only seems to be focused on deflecting blame from himself. His reputation is pretty much in shambles. Offensive mastermind? Out the window. QB Whisperer? Riding Peyton’s coattails. He’d be extremely fortunate to get an OC job anywhere in the next few years and if he does, the fan response will be similar to GGN’s reaction to Gase being hired as HC. He’s going to have to work from the ground up again. Maybe find a spot as a QB coach somewhere. But it’ll take awhile for him to regain any sort of reputation as an offensive genius. He could have a decade of success as an OC, but his prospects of ever landing a third chance as a HC are slim. I can look back at all the bad Head Coaching seasons. Not just with the Jets, but in the NFL as a whole. I don’t know if anyone has gone down as hard as Gase or has looked so bad a coach during their downfall. And that makes the fact that he’s going to get through the full season even more surprising.


Unpopular opinion but I thought the inability to get that last 6 yards on offense for a first and enough time to run the clock out was more egregious than the blitz looked in real time.


On the Jets’ play calling on the last play:

UDFA rookie corner, fifth round rookie corner, safety vs. 3 WRs. What could go wrong?

-John B

I’m going to play devils advocate a bit here. The play before the TD, the Jets defense ran what looked to me like a two tier prevent zone defense. And it got absolutely blown apart. We also know the Jets DBs aren’t good enough to play man-to-man, so you don’t really want to be running that either. So knowing the defense likely won’t be able to stop what’s coming, couldn’t you make the argument your best chance to preventing a completion was in fact to sack the QB? I’m not saying the call was the correct one, but I do see how you could conclude it was. The entire argument here comes down to if you trust the Jets DBs to be able to defend a Hail Mary, versus trusting a heavy blitz to sack the QB.


On what happened after the Jets game:

Gase redfaced to gregg in front of everyone in locker room, “wth kind of call was that?!?!” Gregg to gase, “dont talk to me like that ole gore up the gut. I’ll punch you in the head and straighten out them crazy eyes.” Thats how i’ll imagine it went down until details emerge, lol


On whether the Jets should trade for Dak Prescott:

This is an easy yes for me. Take the elite QB and the pick. Trade back if you can to get more picks. If not, take one of Sewell, Chase, Devonta. Sign a guard. Draft one later. Get the super offensive output that Dak has consistently had and build a juggernaut. The odds that Lawrence of Fields winds up being better than Dak is way lower than fans want to think and you always want the best QB possible. When you get a chance to acquire a 27 year old QB on a hall of fame pace PLUS a pick you take it


I answered this question to a Cowboys fan who responded to a Fanpost on GGN. Dak @ 40 million and the #5 overall is a hard pass for me. I think our target is and should be the Jags if we are going to trade out and I want both of their #1’s this year as well as their #1 in the 22 draft. Now if the Cowboys sweeten the deal with their 2nd rounder and 1 of their 4th rounders this year plus their 1st rounder in the 22 draft, that would be another story. If Jerry wants the “Golden Boy”, he will have to pay handsomely, especially if we relieve him of his salary cap nightmare. As far as the Darnold trade idea goes, I don’t think this is linked to whether the Jets get a different vet QB like Dak. If the Jets trade for a vet or they decide to use the #1/#2 on Lawrence or Fields, then you trade Darnold, period. If the Jets trade the #1 for a haul and use that haul to build a team around a QB, then you keep Darnold. I don’t see us getting the Niners #1 pick, but possibly their 2nd and 5th (see Josh Rosen). Also, as others have already noted, saying that Douglas does not understand the trade value of his players is pretty ludicrous. No one expected the Jamal Adams trade to yield 2 1sts and a 3rd. The draft day trades he made this year received very high grades from the analysts, especially the trade down in Round 2. This year he has been able to grab some late round picks for guys that most did not think would land us anything at all (Jordan Willis). I think Douglas can and should be criticized for some of his free agency decisions, but his trade acumen seems very strong so far.

-FL LabRat

On the Bill Cowher rumors:

After thinking it over, I’m in favor of Cowher—assuming the rumor has legs. Pros: He’s a SB winner, consistently successful coach, and the franchise-building type (the Steelers have been good for ages in large part due to him and how he prepped Tomlin, or so conventional wisdom goes). He has experience, he commands respect, and he’d work well with Douglas (whom he likes) and the Johnsons (who would probably just try to get out of his way, it seems to me, with a sigh of relief that they don’t have to take more responsibility in fixing the giant mess we’re in). Basically he seems not only a great coach but also great for the situation. Cons: He’s old. I don’t think that actually matters as far as winning, but we might have a multi-year project going on here. Assuming he earns his keep, I’d like him here for 5 years or so to turn things around. Potentially he could also groom a successor, but who knows—I wouldn’t really factor that in. He’s also been out of the game a long time. This has more weight, but as I said below, I think this is more of an unknown than a con. It could matter a lot, it could matter very little. (People have pointed out how the coordinators will matter here.) JB says below that he was innovative for his time, which is good. He’s also been keeping abreast of the game due to his job. So to sum up, we’ve got a great coach, perfect for the situation, weighed against the unknown of how he’ll adjust to the changes in the game. I think we try to work on that unknown when we interview him (again assuming this is real). But in theory, I’m very in favor of hiring him.


Top GIF:

TL sends a Postcard to GW


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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