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What was the most important play of the Jets’ loss to the Dolphins?

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jets lost to the Dolphins 20-3 yesterday at MetLife Stadium. What was the most important play of the game?

You could probably justify a number of key plays from Miami scoring drives or Sam Darnold’s first interception.

I would look early in the fourth quarter, however. The Jets trailed 13-3. For a second consecutive series the defense had set the offense up in great field position by forcing a fumble. The first opportunity was squandered, but this was a second chance.

The drive started at the Miami 26. A short run, a sack, and a completion set the Jets up with a fourth and one on the Dolphins 17.

The Jets decided to go for it. I think everybody watching the game knew where the ball was going to go. The call was a run up the middle for Frank Gore, which the Dolphins were all over. Gore was dropped for a one yard loss, and Miami took over on downs.

This was the last real chance the Jets had to make a dent in Miami’s lead. Had they converted that fourth down, they would have been in good position to potentially score a touchdown to cut the lead to 13-10. They might not have won the game from that point, but they at least would have had a chance.

The fourth down stop essentially ended things.

That’s my choice for the game’s most important play. What is yours?