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Jets Week 8 Blame Ball: Pierre Desir

New York Jets v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Jets lost again on Sunday. Their eighth loss in eight weeks means it’s time for the eighth lame, blame, hall of shame, anti-game ball.

As usual, there is more than enough blame to go around. From the interior offensive line getting destroyed by Chris Jones and friends, to Chris Herndon fumbling away his only reception, to Braxton Berrios turning 11 targets into 34 yards, to Blessuan Austin giving up two long touchdown catches, take your pick, there are lots to choose from. However, one man stands out among all the candidates. One man truly deserves the hall of shame above all others. I wish all of the many fine candidates who put their worst foot forward could share in this award, but there can be only one winner. Pierre Desir, come on down!

In the latest installment of what is a weekly horror show at cornerback by Desir, he managed to do the following:

  1. On the second Chiefs’ drive of the game, with the Jets still in this game, the Jets defense managed to stop the Chiefs at midfield. The Chiefs lined up to punt. The Jets offense was actually moving the ball well, and with a deficit of just 7 - 3 at this point in the game, the Jets had the chance to shock the world and take the lead on their second drive. Enter Desir. The Chiefs ran a fake punt. Desir never looked back as he retreated on the assumed punt return, leaving his man wide open. The punter completed an easy 13 yard pass to Desir’s uncovered man for a first down. Shortly thereafter the Chiefs scored a touchdown on a 36 yard pass to Tyreek Hill, and the rout was on. The Jets never again had an opportunity to take the lead in this game.
  2. Early in the third quarter, the Jets were still nominally in the game at 21 - 9. The Jets had forced a Chiefs punt on their first possession and had the Chiefs at 3rd and 14 deep in Chiefs territory. A stop here and the Jets might get it back to a one possession game. Enter Desir. Third and 14 and Desir plays his usual off, way off, coverage. Patrick Mahomes completes an easy 15 yard pass for a first down.
  3. Same drive early in the third quarter. Desir whiffs on a tackle attempt on Travis Kelce that turns a short gain into a 23 yard play down to the Jets 23 yard line.
  4. Was in coverage against Travis Kelce for a good chunk of the time. Kelce dominated to the tune of eight catches for 109 yards.

Pierre Desir does this stuff on a weekly basis. He can’t cover anyone. He routinely gives 10+ yard cushions, resulting in one 3rd and long conversion after another. He is giving up a 74% completion percentage and a passer rating well over 100 in plays his man is targeted. This player has no business starting in the NFL.

Desir was hardly the only culprit in this latest debacle. However, in my eyes he was the most egregious offender. For his failures in this game Pierre Desir gets my blame ball.

Who gets your blame ball?