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Jets fan confidence at 21% after bye week

New England Patriots v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It’s time to check out our SB Nation Reacts survey.

Each week SB Nation asks fans of the Jets and other NFL teams for opinions on their favorite team and the league at large.

This week 21% of Jets fans expressed confidence in the team’s direction.

As you can see the confidence level has risen a bit over the last few weeks. After hitting 3% in Week 5, loss after loss hasn’t prevented the rating from climbing. 21% is low overall, but it seems pretty high for an 0-9 team.

Perhaps the team has been helped by performances that have been relatively more competitive over the last few weeks. Perhaps fans feel better because the Jets are in position to get the top overall pick and select Trevor Lawrence. Perhaps people are just joking around with the poll.

I would be surprised to see this poll go much higher without some wins, however.