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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel

NFL: Player Headshots 2020 Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

My Full 2021 Offseason Maneuvers

FL LabRat has ideas on how to improve the Jets

Top Comments:

On the idea of trading the #1 pick:

Kyler Murray

to all the people saying the Jets are better off keeping Darnold and trading back if they end up with the #1 pick, Kyler Murray continues to defy that logic. The Cardinals spent a Top 10 pick on Josh Rosen just one year prior. They could have convinced themselves that they did not do enough to fully support Rosen. They could have bought in to the occasional flash of excellence that caused them to draft Rosen that high in the first place. They could have traded down from #1, acquired a boat load of picks, and built around Rosen in order to “properly evaluate him” Instead, they quickly admitted the Rosen pick was a mistake, traded him away to the highest bidder, and drafted the player who is simply a far superior QB prospect. Mid-way through Year 2, despite not having as many potential picks had they decided to trade back, Kyler looks like the MVP frontrunner, while the Cardinals are 6-3 and on top of the toughest division in the NFL. I don’t think there’s a single Cardinals coach, front office member, or fan that even remotely regrets the decision right now

-The Great Bambi

My Trade the # 1 Pick Theory : Sam is irrelevant. Get a HAUL of picks, build this team with OL, WR and yeah maybe snag a surprise Rookie QB (Zach Wilson anyone). But whether Sam stays or Sam builds his trade value in 2021, I make the deal to Trade Down.


Jacksonville and Washington are probably the only teams I’d consider. From Jacksonville’s I would need: Both 1st Rd picks this year (projected at #2 overall, #25 overall) 2nd Rd pick this year (projected at #34 overall) 2nd Rd pick next year From Washington I would need: 1st Rd pick this year (projected #3 overall) 2nd Rd pick next year Chase Young If either team slips out of the top 5, then you could potentially ask for/get even more. If you do get #2 or #3 overall from WAS or JAC, then I would trade down again to around 5,6,7 for more 2022-2023 picks select whoever’s available between pick OT Sewell, LB Parsons, WR Chase, CB Surtain II in that order of preference. Give Darnold another year with a bunch of more talent (draft + FA) and new HC. If it still not working out with Sam, then you’ve got a ton of ammo for getting whoever is the next “Suck for... Tank for...” QB is.


On the trade with Seattle:

Seattle lost back to back games and in 3rd place in their div....that first rd pick lookin sweeter and sweeter


On drafting Trevor Lawrence:

Yeah if you don’t surround a young QB with talent you go nowhere. We need to build a team. Right now we just don’t have enough quality players here for Lawrence - or any QB - to succeed.

-Arun Krishnan

I think two arguments that totally lose me when discussing Lawrence is he is a flawless prospect or he doesn’t play with elite talent. Lawrence certainly isn’t a flawless prospect at all. For instance his deep ball needs a lot of work, as far as accuracy a d touch. I also feel the same about his quick passes. I also think being part of the Clemson program does wonders, just like an Oklahoma QB. If you wanna talk about potential go for it, but this flawless generational talent crap is just blowing smoke


On the importance of a QB:

Theory: Even a great QB cannot win without a functional team (Offense and defense... special teams cannot be a negative). Evidence (Bias as it is my view/take on things): Brady has always been (as a starter) on functional/strong teams. Even when there is an unbalance, either the defense is good enough to keep things close or the offense is overpowering to overcome lackluster defense (the defense just needed a few critical stops)... in other words, the teams he has led (NE and TB) were ready to win and his competence at QB could put them over the top. Peyton (Colts) after the first couple of seasons had the offense humming. The defense was not quite good enough for years. When the defense was capable of stopping the better teams, Peyton won. Before then, he could not quite get there even though his greatness was not in doubt. His Broncos teams were ready to compete and were missing good QB play. In fact, his last season, he did not need to be super Peyton (he was quite diminished). Denver was good enough to win with a limited Peyton. The Ravens won a SB with a great defense and a conservative offense that did no harm The current NFL rules favor offense, so QB play is more important than ever. However, it is easier for QB’s to shine. I think we will see a lot of QB’s in the coming years that can win. The list of QB’s who can win will be much longer than in the past. The difference is going to be which team is ready. My view is rebuilding for the Jets should be focused on having functional units (defense and offense). O-line is central to the offense. CB and ability to pressure the QB must be central to the defensive build plan. A good QB (Need not be great) armed with these functional units, can win (see Dalton with the Bengals). Do I want us to get a ring? Heck yeah! First things first: functional units. We need to start winning before we can compete for rings. I want the pieces on offense, I want the pieces on defense... I am willing to be somewhat patient but we need to see progress (I consider Becton a major piece of the puzzle). What I refuse to get distracted by is who is playing QB. For any QB to have success, they need an O-line and some pieces to throw to or to run the football to keep defenses honest. Without that, we can only hope that whichever QB we have progresses while the building plan comes together. Draft Lawrence, Fields or keep Darnold. I do not care. I do care about what we put around them and who is tasked with coaching them. The QB will always matter (the ball is their hands all the time). We should only lament QB play if we have a team that a QB can succeed on first. Until then, the QB talk is premature as the odds are stacked against whoever is playing QB. I am less concern about getting somebody who can be effective as a QB but very concern that it will never matter if we do not have a functional units on our Jets. Build the team, JD! A savior at QB is not what we need. A platform for a good QB to succeed is what this is about.


On the Pat Elflein signing:

After being taken into custody by the Jets, Elflein’s attorney says he expects his client to be fully exonerated. In a statement the lawyer stated “Mr. Elflein has done nothing wrong and has not engaged in any conduct to deserve this kind of punishment. We are going to fight this vigorously.” For their part the Jets said, “we just put a claim in for him on waivers-it’s not like this place is like jail or anything”.

-George Sauer’s Ghost

On the Jets dropping Pierre Desir:

Chargers OC probably just swore really loudly reading this knowing they now have to game plan more than “Herbert, throw at #35” all day.

-Nuclear Jet

On a mock draft that has us picking Trevor Lawrence and Kyle Pitts in the first round:

Yes please!!


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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