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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel

NFL: Player Headshots 2020 Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Fanposts:

0-9: Some Comparisons Between the 2020 Jets and 2017 Browns after Game 9

carlsahn compares two of the worst teams in recent memory.

Mock Offseason: A Bye Week Edition

GenoTime7 mocks the next offseason to improve the Jets.

Top Comments:

On the Jets loss to the Patriots:

It was close but we pulled it out in the end


Nick Folk comes through for the Jets again


This game was won by coaching.

Exhibit A: If Joe Flacco even takes the sack on that final 3rd down, the Patriots are at the very least forced to burn a TO that they eventually needed. Exhibit B: Penalties on the final drive Exhibit C: Tackling the Patriots defender in the open field with 3 seconds left on the clock I’ll say this much though: I really think this team won’t go winless. Either the Patriots, Dolphins, Raiders, Chargers or Browns are all capable of playing down to the Jets’ level. Trevor Lawrence will be a Jaguar.


Man Sam better heal up or we’re in danger of winning a game.


On Joe Flacco’s Performance:

Flacco had enough time to throw dimes & reach in his pocket to count and give change for a dollar.


On the ineptitude of Adam Gase:

How bad is Adam Gase? Under Gase, the Jets have lost 18 games in 1 1/2 seasons. 16 of the 18 losses were by at least 7 points, and most by double digits. The only 2 losses that were by less than 7 points came when the Jets blew double digit leads in the 2nd half at home.


On Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields:

These guys have been the top of Their class. And both maintained trajectory. I feel both will be good. But after watching both I came away more impressed with Fields. If nothing more. Because of the 1-2 comparisons, Justin Plays like he has something to prove. Plays with a chip on his shoulder. A lil edge. The Jets NEED THAT FROM THIER LEADERS. Trevor looks GREAT with GREAT weapons. The Jets won’t be able to put that much talent around a qb. Especially if they use a number 1 overall to draft him. Instead of trading the pick to acquire more #1 draft capitol. Trade the pick. Trade Sam and start over. But get the RIGHT STAFF in place to make those picks. Potentially 4#1 draft picks to me is better than “The Next Andrew Luck” Can we find the Next Nick Mangold, The Next Darelle Revis, The Next BRICK... Can we Find the Draft a WR1 that’s there TEN years like Larry Fitzgerald? Can We Draft a TE like Little? Can we Find a Ray Lewis? A Von Miller? All players capable of leading teams and organizations while NOT playing the qb position. The last time the Jets Mattered. The qb REALLY didn’t. Sanchez on those teams was Meh. Lol. And We were in the legitimate conversation. The focus and narrative need to shift to other areas. Draft franchise qb at pick #1 after 0-16. He’s a “Generational” Talent. Andrew Luck was that guy. Before him it was Elway. As the Standards for “Generational” Qb talents coming out of college. All that talent got 2 super Bowl rings. I watched those. Took Elways entire career to get it done. And it doesnt get done without Terell Davis and at the time what was a revolutionary zone blocking run game scheme. Yet here we are. Sighs. Acting like Trevor Lawrence fixes it all.


On how most Jets fans currently feel about the franchise:

It finally happened.

While week 9 of the 2020 New York Jet season might not stand out as having any significance in the years that follow, it may very well have been the true demarcation line of this fan base. You see it was during week 9 that we, as fans, reached the theoretical equilibrium. A point of indifference to winning or losing. Never in a million years could we have guessed it would come to this. After all, we had survived Coslett, endured Kotite, watched Joe booger his way through those close but no cigar moments of the mid 80’s. The tenure of disappointing moments chipped away at our green souls but even in the face of grave endings one thing cannot be denied; It always mattered. There was always pain associated with loss. A thrown object or two. The all too familiar early week football hangover where we observed Steeler fans and Packer fans and Niner fans and the rest of the bandwagon world joyously bounce around the office with a cup of coffee in their hand while we sulked behind our desks. Occasionally it broke the other way. Those moments of hope kept us contented enough to stay on the journey side by side with this team. A life’s journey at that. Then this. The move towards indifference began some 5 or so years ago but really set in after last year’s Buffalo opener. All the hype. A new coach per se but one who came with a taint. A second year franchise quarterback. Le’Veon and Jamal. But sure enough in a time tested tradition events began to occur that quickly led to the unravelling of that edition of the Jets. More importantly the fan base began to get whittled away at like a piece of boy scout wood to where we found ourselves a year and a half later at the end of week 9. Like every first piece of pocket knife art not much remained in the end. Unable to conjure up the normally all too easy access of hate for the New England Patriots we just sat there and watched. It could have been a preseason Jaguar-Bear game and the emotional capital would have been the same. Instead of being engrossed in a one score game or a 10 point 4th quarter lead against the evil empire of Bill Belichick of all people we were, well, indifferent. This was the Patriots. The team that had taken years off of our lives for the past two decades. And yet, in the end, it didn’t matter. Not one bit. Even last week during the Kansas City game there was a little bit of “Come on Jets” in our demeanor. That all changed Monday Night. Psychologically, as a fan base, we are officially spent. The emotions of sport which are so important to the experience of being a fan are void. They simply no longer exist for us. Not an object thrown. No Tuesday morning hangover. Just simply the point after which winning or losing does not matter. Pure indifference. The supposed reward for our zombified state of mind is a new beginning of sorts I guess. A new franchise quarterback after the last one, he who was never truly given a chance to succeed. At this point Sam Darnold may be 32 year old career backup in a 23 year old body. He is beat up and becoming somewhat catatonic to all of this. He wasn’t Joe Douglas’ guy anyway so why not start anew? At the same time there will be a treasure trove of offers for that #1 slot. Trevor Lawrence is no sure thing, as is nothing in the NFL. Temptation will be on phone with the Jets as soon as the season ends. The devil lurks everywhere if you’re a Jet GM. A faulty scouting report. A sure thing free agent. Kyle Brady or Vernon Gholston The simple to execute but never successful Jet Quarterback sneak (Vinny aside..). With Lawrence or with the bevy of high draft picks the Jets will be armed with next April really won’t matter. Real damage has been done to this fan base this time around. The type of damage that is going to take real work from this organization to repair. A business that over and over again has proved they don’t consider the customer first. The assumption is we will always show up. The trade off for that loyalty is our simple demand of a product that we can care about. A team and game that makes us happy at times, and sad at others. That gives us momentary emotional escapes from the day to day demands that life can place on us. Three hours a week that matter. What was so evident during the Patriot game was the wasteland named indifference. You have your work cut out for you New York Jets and you’re fighting for your life. Trust us..

-Bass Pigskin Journal

Top GIF:

On the possibility of the Jets getting Trevor Lawrence and Jaylen Waddle:

-The Great Bambi

So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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