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What was the most important play of the Jets’ loss to the Patriots?

New England Patriots Vs. New York Jets at MetLife Stadium Photo by Barry Chin/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In many Jets losses this season it has been difficult to pick out a single play. The team has been beaten so soundly that one play didn’t make much of a difference.

In a game like last night’s loss to the Patriots there are numerous candidates. Most of them came in the fourth quarter as New England overcame a 10 point deficit. You could look at the scoring plays. You could also look at the plays on the game-winning drive or Nick Folk’s field goal as the time expired.

I would look at New England’s game-tying touchdown drive, however. With under 5:00 left, the Jets held a 7 point lead. A penalty and a pair of incompletions had New England facing a third and 20 from their own 44. The Jets defense was one play from getting off the field.

On this play Cam Newton hit Jakobi Meyers for a 19 yard gain. While the completion did not get New England a first down, it did put the Patriots in a position to go for it on fourth and 1. Newton converted the first down with a run. Four plays later the Patriots scored the tying touchdown.

If the Jets had gotten the stop there, they would have been in strong position to win the game.

You could say many plays swung the game, but this was a third and 20. It’s a situation where success should be guaranteed for the defense. It wasn’t, and that cost the Jets.

What did you think was the game’s most important play?