Joe Brady and a Potential Coaching Tree

One of the hottest names in football has been Joe Brady for the last 2 years. He began his coaching career at Penn State as a graduate assistant in 2015. While nobody could hide how bad Christian Hackenberg was at QB, in 2016 Trace McSorely had an excellent 2016, which pushed him into the conversation of a late first or potential 2nd round pick by the end of the year. In 2017 he moved to the New Orleans Saints as an offensive assistant. Now I really don’t need to tell anyone what a great organization the Saint are. I don’t need to tell you what a great coaching staff they have. I also shouldn’t have to tell you how much a motivated 28 year old can learn in a short time learning under that coaching staff. The rest of the Joe Brady career is unquestionable. He helped turn Joe Burrow into the top overall pick and leading the best offense in the history of the NCAA. Now he is the OC for an over performing Panthers team.

Now if you listen to the hard headed old school football fan, Joe Brady has no shot at succeeding in the NFL as a head coach. There’s no way he’ll replicate Sean McVay. Many people will point to Kliff Kingsburry and Zac Taylor as underperforming coaches who are similar in talent. Those people will totally ignore how bad those teams were before those coaches were before those coaches got there. They’ll point to the fact that Joe Brady might need another year to learn under Matt Rhule. That may be true. However, I would rather get the right coach a year early, than settle for a lesser coach. Joe Brady is the guy that undoubtedly has the most potential of any coach in the NFL right now.

Another knock is that college coaches have a hard time recruiting coaches. Matt Rhule I think has disproved that. So here is what I think a Joe Brady tree could look like.

Brian Johnson, OC- A quickly rising coordinator at Florida. He has a QB background, and totally steamrolled two offensive assistants to take that job. Frankly, he is a name that will be popping up a lot in the near future.

Bill Bedenbaugh, QB coach- the current co OC for Oklahoma. I think many coaches get overshadowed by other great coaches. I think many coaches want to branch out, and show what they can do to advance their careers. Oklahoma is Offense University with a heavy emphasis on QBs.

Mickey Joesph, WR coach- This will be a tough sell. Joseph is essentially a living legend in the New Orleans area. He has been a star since high school. However, he may be the best kept secret as far as coaches go. He also worked with Brady.

Frank Gore, RB coach- I think all Jets fans can agree that Gore is no longer an effective NFL player. All football fans can agree there probably hasn’t been a better professional. This will be a JD recommendation that Brady listens to.

Brent Key, O-Line Coach- in only his second year he coached up one of the best units in football. They are mean. They are nasty. They also have several potential first rounders in 2019 and 2020.

Brent Venables, DC- this guy is the absolute hottest name at the college level. The current DC for Clemson. He has started to acknowledge it may be time for him to branch out, with head coaching or other coaching opportunities. It would be a mistake for him to take a college job, because offense wins at that level, plain and simple. So he makes the jump to the NFL.

Karl Dunbar, DL coach- I believe his contract is expiring with the Steelers. He was the former Alabama DLine coaches and has the Steelers playing at a very high level. He was instrumental in developing Hewayrd, Watt, and others.

Adam Zimmer, LB coach- currently the co defensive coordinator for the Vikings. I see that entire staff getting gutted at the end of the year. Zimmer is a very well rounded coach.

DB coach, Bo Pelini- he is the current defensive coordinator at LSU coming over from Youngstown State. He is well regarded as a very well rounded and smart defensive coach. He also doesn’t seem to have cemented ties to one organization.

Darren Rizzi, ST Coordinator/Assistant Coach- This may be an unorthodox way of titling a coach. Rizzi is a fast rising coach, and has one of the best units in all of football. It would be a good idea to have someone with pro experience as Brady’s right hand man.

Let me know what everybody thinks. All of these guys either have ties to Brady, the Jets organization, or other coaches within the tree. If my timeline and math are correct, big if there, all of the current NFL coaches should have expiring contracts, or are receiving promotions. I appreciate all the input. If there are any coaches you fell would be better suited let me know!

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