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What was the most important play of the Jets’ loss to the Bills?

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jets have been so thoroughly beaten most weeks this season that it has been difficult to find one play call the most important of any particular game. That isn’t the case this week. I think there is one play that clearly changed the complexion of yesterday’s game between the Jets and the Bills.

Late in the first half the Jets had a 10-3 lead and seemed to be putting together a drive. The Jets clearly had the better of the play to that point. If they were able to get a field goal before halftime, they would take a double digit lead to the locker room and be in great shape to win the game.

Sam Darnold then threw an interception on second and 10 from his own 46. It was an ugly throw into heavy coverage that Dane Jackson picked off. The Bills converted the turnover into a field goal right before halftime.

The Jets still led heading to the locker room but had only a 4 point lead to show for a first half where they controlled the play.

More importantly, the Jets offense totally stalled after that interception. They amazingly only gained 4 yards in the second half. We have seen some brutal offensive performances in the last few years, but few topped what the Jets did in the third and fourth quarters of yesterday’s game.

What do you think? Was the Darnold interception the most important play of the game, or do you think it was something else?