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Jets Week 7 Anti-Game Ball: The Entire Offense

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Jets lost again on Sunday. Their seventh loss in seven weeks means it’s time for the seventh anti-game ball.

I wish I could stop giving out special group anti-game balls. They are supposed to be awarded only in exceptional circumstances. Unfortunately the Jets’ play consistently creates exceptional circumstances.

This week I have to give the anti-game ball to the entire Jets offense. The second half was spectacularly terrible as the unit generated only four yards of offense in two quarters.

This was a systemwide failure. I can’t single out anybody. Sam Darnold was terrible. The coaching was terrible. The offensive line was terrible. The skill players were terrible. When you play this badly as a unit, everybody deserves some of the blame.

It was especially frustrating to see this happen after a first half where the offense showed some positive signs. It’s not like 186 yards and 10 points in a half are spectacular, but the Jets haven’t put together many two quarter stretches of football where the offense seemed to have a pulse.

All of that was wasted as the offense put together one of the worst second half performances in league history. Also wasted was a solid defensive effort where an undermanned unit fought hard to keep Buffalo out of the end zone all game.

Who gets your anti-game ball?