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Sam Darnold Could Miss Time With Shoulder Sprain

Denver Broncos vs New York Jets

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold briefly left last night’s loss to the Denver Broncos with an apparent shoulder injury. He returned to the game, but on Friday head coach Adam Gase indicated the quarterback might miss time with a shoulder sprain.

This leads to the natural question why Darnold was allowed to return to the game. If he is so hurt that it could it require him to miss time, was putting him back in really in the best interest of the player or the team? What is going on here?

Combining this with the way Mekhi Becton was handled last night certainly raises questions. He was activated and inserted into the game even though he clearly wasn’t capable of playing.

Former Jets offensive lineman Damien Woody shared thoughts on the Becton situation on his Twitter handle.

I don’t know exactly what this is all about, but something isn’t adding up to me.