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Adam Gase Won’t Be Fired After Jets’ Loss to the Broncos

Denver Broncos v New York Jets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Last weekend media rumors suggested Jets head coach Adam Gase could be fired if the team lost to the Broncos and fell to 0-4. As the game approached, other reports suggested that Gase was not coaching for his job against Denver.

After last night’s defeat Connor Hughes confirmed that Gase will remain the Jets’ head coach at least for now.

A Gase firing seems inevitable at this point. It might happen in the next few weeks if the team continues playing this badly. It might wait until later in the season. It might even wait until the season is over. It’s just difficult to see how Gase stays into 2021 with the team such a mess.

I can’t say I understand why the Jets are delaying the inevitable. Some have questioned what good making a change now would do. I question what good keeping Gase is doing for this team.

Either way Gase will continue to coach the team at least for now.