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Jets Week 6 Anti-Game Ball: Joe Flacco

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Another week has brought another Jets loss. That means somebody has to get the anti-game ball.

In general I try to avoid giving the anti-game ball to the quarterback. Odds are that if the Jets loss, poor quarterback play was a driving factor. In theory you could give it to the quarterback most weeks.

This week I don’t really think I have a choice, though. Joe Flacco’s performance against the Dolphins has earned him this week’s anti-game ball.

Flacco finished the loss to Miami a dismal 21 of 44 for 186 yards and an interception. He didn’t look like a player with any command of the coverages Miami ran. His throws were constantly off the mark and/or into coverage. He was a deer in headlights against the pass rush.

There were a number of mistakes you’d expect from a rookie such as an intentional grounding penalty on a third and 1 that cost the Jets 13 yards.

The most incredible moment, however, was the 28 yard sack he took.

If Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith, or Sam Darnold ever took a sack like that we would never hear the end of it. It would be another clip that Sportscenter would replay week after week mocking the Jets’ failures to find and develop a young quarterback. In this case it wasn’t a young quarterback who made the play. It was a 13 year veteran.

Flacco looked as erratic as any quarterback you will ever see in this game.

He gets my anti-game ball for the week.

Who gets yours?