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Podcast: Jets lose to Dolphins 24-0

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Jets played the Dolphins yesterday, and it was another loss. Once again the Jets failed to play competitive football as they were blown out 24-0 in Miami. We discuss all of the things that went wrong on today’s podcast.

It is difficult to believe some of the things we saw on the field yesterday. This Jets team has a certain Rich Kotite quality to it. I have said it many times over the last few weeks. What set the Kotite years apart wasn’t the losing. It was the absurdity of the team’s performance. With the 2020 Jets you have an inability to execute a shotgun snap. You have the quarterback taking a 28 yard sack. There are so many other ridiculous moments during the course of a game.

These moments lead us to one key question. What will it take for the Jets to make a coaching change?

Thanks for listening.