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Jets vs Dolphins Second Half Thread

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The first half of the Jets game against the Miami Dolphins is in the books, and the Jets trail the Dolphins, 21 - 0.

In an utterly embarrassing season, this may have been the most embarrassing half of football yet. The Jets defense couldn’t stop Ryan Fitzpatrick and Myles Gaskin, giving up three touchdowns. The Jets offense was AWOL, putting up five three and outs and one interception. The only drive the Jets got anything going ended in a meltdown of penalties and a botched snap, taking the Jets out of field goal range. The Jets were lifeless, undisciplined, a complete failure on every level.

We head into the second half with the Jets trailing by 21 points to a mediocre Miami team at halftime.

Endure the second half everyone.