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Jets fan confidence is 9% after a brutal week

Arizona Cardinals v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It’s time for our weekly check in with SB Nation Reacts. Each week SB Nation asks fans of the Jets and all NFL teams for their opinions about their favorite team and issues across the league.

This past week was ugly for the Jets. It began with a blowout loss to the Arizona Cardinals. After the game Le’Veon Bell liked social media posts critical of the team’s gameplan. This eventually led to Bell’s release and signing with the Kansas City Chiefs.

This week 9% of Jets fans surveyed expressed confidence in the team.

This is actually slightly up from last week’s 3%. Over the last month, the rating has bounced between 3% and 9%. These numbers are extremely low.

With that said, I’m still surprised anybody is confident in the team. In fact I’m wondering whether people are voting this way just to see me express my surprise in this post each week.