Chris Johnson: How to fix this before another lost decade

Woody and now you keep making the same mistakes. You fail to make proper in season evaluations. Wind up making wholesale changes in January when all the talent is gone and your left with the scraps. Inexperienced people promoted into the HC and GM role with no experience and in arranged marriages.

The upheaval has already started and the Jets will again be left with the scraps unless you act now. The no brained to start permanently turning this franchise around is to hire John Dorsey. The GM Architect of the Chiefs, who also spent more than a decade with Packers and most recently GM of the Browns where he left a pretty dam stacked roster after a short tenure.

Dorsey is not going to be your buddy and kiss your ass. The Jets keep hiring guys who wind up as better talk show analysts than HCs or GMs. Dorsey brings instant credibility and gives the Jets an identity. He believes in speed, up tempo etc etc. He’s an innovator, a leader. You can fire Gase but no Coach worth his salt is going to sign up with JD as GM after looking what he did with that roster after a year and a half with control. It’s the same mistake over and over again. No coach wanted to work with Magic Mike, no decent OC or DC wanted to work with Bowles so he had to bring one out of retirement

Dorsey will be gone very soon and he’s the only layup out there. You can transform the Jets Franchise with one hire. Another thing about DORSEY is he leaves a foundation in place wherever he’s been. He has a personality like Belichick who you also wouldn’t hire versus a talk happy Herm Edwards, Rex Ryan who left us with a disaster.

Make it right before He’s gone. Money will bring anyone put of retirement. But the biggest reason to get him is how pissed off he must be for not getting the credit he deserved for the Chief dynasty. You want that guy with His resume and a big chip on his shoulder. Go get him before the Falcons, Giants etc do.

Get Dorsey and you will reverse the Jets fortunes overnight. You need a proven winner to turn this around not another first time GM etc etc. This one decision can forever change your legacy. Please just do it

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