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Jets Week 5 Anti-Game Ball: Adam Gase

Arizona Cardinals v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

The Jets lost once again on Sunday. That means we have the sad duty of handing out yet another anti-game ball.

One of the main rules of the anti-game ball is attempting to give it to somebody other than the quarterback when possible. When the Jets lose, odds are the quarterback was one of the worst players on the field and a driving force behind the loss. You could make a case the quarterback would be worthy of the anti-game ball most weeks.

The same concept applies to the head coach. Typically in a loss the head coach deserves a large portion of the blame. I think after every loss the last two years somebody has said Adam Gase should get the anti-game ball.

This week I think I need to give the anti-game ball to Gase, however. We saw a bad coaching performance for the ages.

Here’s what Gase said after the game.

I don’t follow coaching press conferences on other teams closely enough to know whether this is something everybody says. It just amazes me to think how many times through the years with Rex Ryan, Todd Bowles, or now Gase a Jets coach has talked about how well the team practiced in the week leading up to a noncompetitive loss. Listen to what Gase said, and let me know whether you think he has a good grasp on how well-prepared his team was for the game.

What went wrong in the game? You name it.

Gase wasted a challenge trying to get a first down when the ball carrier clearly went out of bounds well short of the sticks.

The Jets took a delay of game penalty immediately after a turnover. You might remember this happened after a TV timeout a few weeks back. Sam Darnold was the quarterback for that one. Joe Flacco was the quarterback this time. It’s tough to put all of the blame on the quarterback when this keeps happening with different signal callers.

How about play calling? There are plenty of things to talk about. Early in the fourth quarter, the Jets actually executed a positive play as Braxton Berrios took an end around for 13 yards. What did the Jets call on the next play? They dialed up another end around. Jeff Smith lost 16 yards. Isn’t it amazing the defense would be looking for an end around and sure to read their keys one play after getting burned on one?

I’m not sure anything could top Gase’s call on a third and one in the first half, however. To whom did Gase hand the ball in this situation? Why his number three tight end, Trevon Wesco, of course.

What was Gase’s explanation?

For his part, Wesco had one carry in his entire NFL career prior to yesterday’s game. That apparently makes him a go to guy in short yardage situations in the mind of his head coach.

I could go on listing all of the things wrong with Adam Gase yesterday, but I don’t want to take up your entire day.

Gase gets my anti-game ball. Who gets yours?