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Le’Veon Bell Appears to Call Out Jets Game Plan on Social Media

Arizona Cardinals v New York Jets Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

I really don’t like reading too much into players’ social media handles.

I think frequently people read too much into a profile change or a cryptic post. Many times the analysis proves to be incorrect, and the player wasn’t really responding to something football related.

This feels like an exception. After Sunday’s game Jets running back Le’Veon Bell liked Twitter posts that questioned why he wasn’t more involved in the team’s passing game.

Here is another tweet Bell liked.

I think it is obvious to say the situation around the Jets is not good right now.

Things are so bad that this almost doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to me. We can see from the outside that the wheels have fallen off, and this coaching staff is on borrowed time. It would be more surprising if the players weren’t frustrated.

This is just a very bad situation in every way, and it’s tough to see how it will get better soon.