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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel (New Year Edition)

NFL: DEC 29 Jets at Bills Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Comments:

On the Patriots:

Fitzmagic EXPOSED the Pats fraudulent D.

Way to go – Dolphins. Glad the Chiefs got the bye.


On Sam Darnold:

7-6 with Sam at the helm; 6-2 in the last 8

For all the hand ringing about Sam, he put up 10 pts in Q4 playing through a monsoon. Things are looking up baby!


Without Darnold in the 2 seasons

We are 0-6 and the qb stats = sub 60 passer rating with 4.25 sacks per game allowed. With Darnold, 11-14 with 80+ passer rating. Darnold got 3000+ passing yards this year in 13 games with one with mono.

-riverside the great

This is the point that best defines the season

”Darnold is probably being asked to do too much at this early stage of his career”

Weak offensive line, No TE support for most of the season, Meh receiver options, Little run game, Adam Gase. Is there any Qb in the league who has less support around him? Ps- he wasn’t great today but not QBs playing in the NE looked good today. Whatever


On the Jets:

List of QBs the Jets beat in their 6-2 run:

Daniel Jones. Dwayne Haskins. Derek Carr. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Rubber Ducky. Matt Barkley Not exactly a murderer’s row there.

-MacGregor Wells

My frustration

The main reason that I can’t stand that Gase remains the coach is that, for the first time since Pennington or Farve were on the roster, I believe that the Jets have a QB that they can win a Super Bowl with. Even more, going into the season the Jets had a core of players that I believed you could build an elite team around: Darnold, Adams, Bell, Mosely, Q. Williams, Herndon and Robby. Sure, the Jets definitely needed to replace 3-5 guys on OL. And they needed to upgrade at CB and Edge. But there is no team in the NFL that doesn’t have holes. Now, if the Jets still had Geno, Fitzpatrick or McCown at QB, and a bunch of aging vets on the roster, maybe I could be more patient and let Gase flounder around and try to figure it out. But I truly believe that with one good off-season and good coaching, the Jets could be winning 13-14 games by 2020 or 2021. IOW, the Jets are entering the most promising window in years. To put all that in the hands of a coach who is as likely to get a blowout, double-digit loss as a win is beyond frustrating.


On Adam Gase:

Gase convinced CJ that this roster was bad enough that Macc got canned after the offseason

And won 7 games with that roster. A guy that wins 7 games with a roster he loathes enough to get his hiring manager fired within weeks is a guy who I’d like to see coach a roster he approves of


I can’t speak to how great a job our offensive guru did in putting together the NFL’s worst offense.

-Macgregor Wells

On Positional Value:

Positional value is a crock of crap

Unless you’re talking about a kicker, punter, or something like that, it’s the dumbest reason to not draft someone or not pay someone. Jamal Adams is a bonafide stud. He is the best player at his position. He is arguable a top 5 defensive back in football. The only way you dont pay him, is if there is an absurd trade that would occur. It would take multiple premium picks to move Adams. He is the player you hope to draft in the top 10, and really probably more. Give him $16 mil per, for 6 years with $55 mil in guarantees and call it a day.


On Jamal Adams:

100%. And One Other Thing:

This is Adams’ team, until and unless Sam grows into that role. 33 is the one buying the Christmas kicks for everyone on both sides of the ball. He’s the one they call Prez. He’s the one who speaks most eloquently for everyone after a win or a loss, and leads on the field with his play. You keep guys like this. You build around them and let other players learn from them. You show everyone that success here is rewarded, not traded for picks. Jamal is the rare non-QB who can change a culture. He has more value to us than to anyone else.


New contract

Good teams recognize outstanding players and when someone shows their value not only on the field but with their leader ship they should be rewarded time to lock this kid up and show the rest of the team if you perform like that you will get taken care of.


On how little things have changed this year:

A year ago, we were talking about Matt Rhule and Fat Mike McCarthy. And how the Jets OL sucks.Today we are talking about Matt Rhule and Fat Mike McCarthy. And how the Jets OL sucks.

-Brodaway Jose

On the Jason Garrett/Giants rumors:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that you can’t go wrong hiring a coach just fired by a division rival after you strike out on Matt Rhule.

-John B

Top GIF/Photos:

On the state of the Giants:

Forget the truck on fire this is the Giants...


On the state of the Jets:

Bottom line.

-Traveling Man

So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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