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Podcast: Ranking the 2019 Jets signings after one year

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

When the Jets make a signing we do our best to project how well it will work out. Otherwise there would be no point of having a podcast or a website. Of course our projections aren’t always correct. We can only judge how well things work out after these guys actually start playing games.

On today’s show we look back at the 2019 signings the Jets made and rank them based on how year one with the Jets went. My criteria is very imprecise. The players are ranked based on performance, contract, and how much sense the signing made at the time (as a sort of tiebreaker for the bad moves).

It was a rough season for the Jets. Most of the signings do not look so great through year one. Still a couple of them stand out at the moment as success stories.

Thanks as always for tuning into the show.