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What does it mean when players sign reserve/future contracts with the Jets?

NFL: AUG 03 Jets Training Camp Photo by Joshua Sarner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

With the end of the season, you might have seen news about the Jets signing various players to reserve/future contracts.

What does this mean?

Each year teams are allowed to have 90 players on their roster in training camp. Essentially, these reserve/future contracts are the Jets signing these players for training camp next year. The new league year doesn’t begin until March so these players are signing for a “future” season.

Free agents are eligible to sign these contracts. By free agents I mean players who are not on a team. I don’t mean players like Robby Anderson who have an expiring contract. Those contract don’t technically expire until the end of the league year in March so those players cannot sign reserve/future deals.

Many players who signed reserve/future contracts ended the season on the practice squad. The practice squad dissolves at the end of the season, making those players free agents.