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Jets podcast: Five offseason needs

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

In the NFL offseason team needs are a primary focus.

In many cases the primary needs are positional. I think sometimes there is too much focus on positions and not enough on roles. If you need pass catching talent, wide receivers get most of the attention. However, skilled running backs and tight ends can become a big part of a team’s passing game.

On today’s podcast my focus is on five offseason needs. Indeed, some are purely positional. The Jets need to improve their offensive line. The team could not win in the trenches in 2019. There is no substitute for finding better offensive linemen.

Other needs are less focused on a given position, though. I think the offense needs a go to guy. That conceivably could come at any of the skill positions. The Jets just need to find one.

I will discuss all of this and more.

Thanks for listening.