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2020 Pro Bowl Open Thread

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today we have the one game in the NFL schedule that no participants care about. Not the coaches, not the players - nobody. Oh, the players certainly care about being named to the team. There’s money and pride on the line there. But the actual game? Not so much. The rules are different than any other game. There is no semblance of game planning. Mostly guys are just out there to have fun and try not to get hurt.

Of all the major sports All Star games, the Pro Bowl is the worst. Baseball’s game is actually fairly compelling, with the best of the best going at it and for the most part playing to win. The NBA game is a joke for three quarters, but in the last quarter the play often tightens up and it can sometimes get pretty good in the closing moments. The NHL holds a four team All Star tournament in 3 on 3 format, which can be pretty interesting.

Then there’s the NFL Pro Bowl. The action is disorganized, the play calling is rudimentary, the hitting is virtually nonexistent and the rules are weird. The primary goal is that nobody gets hurt. It’s a problem for the NFL, and many believe they should just name the teams and call it a day without playing an actual game.

Since you’re here on this thread you may disagree with much of what’s been said here. Maybe you like the Pro Bowl game. If so, this thread’s for you. If not, this thread’s still for you. All comments are welcome.

Enjoy the Pro Bowl everyone. Jamal Adams is the only player representing the New York Jets.