The Golden Touch!

To quote an old Shakespearean line from "Julius Caesar",

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears!", In this case your eyes! For this is my first ever Fanpost on GGN. I wanted to bring you some good content, and today, I wanted to shine a light on a 2020 Draft prospect standout I have had my eyes on. His name is Antonio Gandy-Golden (or AGG), #11, Senior Wide Receiver for Liberty University. AGG, born on April 11, 1998 (21 years old), is 6' 4" about 220 Lbs. He will be playing this weekend at the senior bowl for the North Squad. I wanted to bring him up because I believe this young brother is about to rise in many team's boards. In 2019, he was the 5th best receiver in the nation with 79 Rec. 1,396 Yds. for an average of 17.7 YDs and 10 TDs. AGG best quality is his ability to make contested catches, ball tracking, and he has strong hands, overall strength, and can use his size to leap over and box out defenders. He can be the ultimate weapon X in the red zone, and for 3rd down conversions. His biggest knock is he doesn't possess elite speed, doesn't run the crispest of routes, and doesn't have a good release when pressed. However, I believe that with better coaching, he can excel at gaining separation with crisper routes and releases.

Let's start with the game against UMASS in 2018, in the first quarter:


As you can see, AGG is running a go route on the sideline. QB "buckshot" Calvert heaves a fade route to the outside, where only AGG has a chance to make a play on it. He had to slow down a step to make sure he made the catch, and LO and Behold, AGG made a spectacular catch using one hand and his shoulder, and made sure to stay in bounds. This was amazing grab. This is just one of three catches he made on that same drive.

lets take a look at the third catch which went for a touchdown


AGG puts a bit of a shimmy on the corner, and goes right by him on the outside. He boxed him out perfectly and timed the throw. This shows great tracking ability and hands, to high point the ball for a TD over the DB, who had no chance. AGG could be a great red zone threat because of his height and catch radius.

Here is another TD catch in the end zone, with liberty trailing 24-31 in the game, he just took it from the CB, and just said Gimme that!!. AGG hands and jumps are something to behold.

His catch radius is insane, and how he extends to make the play is impressive. but there's another element of his game that makes anyone jaw drop is how hard is to take down, and his fight to get extra yards. This dude is strong. In a game against Buffalo in the 2019 season, he makes insane extension with a corner stuck to him at the hip and the safety coming over the top.


Look at this beast. AGG clearly has a step ahead of the corner, made the extension to grab the ball on the run, then proceeded to drag not one, but TWO! defenders that had him wrapped like a blanket. The man just was not going to be denied and did not go down easy. That play speaks of the dude's strength and will power.

Here is a clip that shows his catch ability and his on the field awareness. This is the game against a formidable BYU squad


Here he makes a sensational grab on the sidelines. He knows he is about to get hit, by two defenders no less. He catches the football, and has the awareness to keep two feet inbound before he's tackled. the QB is deadlocked looking at AGG all the way. This folks is what you call big play ability. There are a number of things he needs to work on, mainly route running and his release when corners play press, but he has the tools to become a fantastic receiver. Coaching is always better in the big leagues, and they can better mold prospects such as AGG.

This play agaisnt Georgia Southern, QB "Buckshot" Calvert with pressure in his face (I know another QB who was under duress as well), and he throws the football up for grabs into the end zone (sounds familiar?! Hint: back foot Darnold).


In this clip, AGG shows his authority and his ability to win contested football. One thing that can hopefully improve with coaching, is his tendency of trying to release to the out side towards the sideline. Stronger CBs in the NFL will try to nudge him to the sidelines and out of the play. Hopefully this is an area where proper coaching can correct it. He doesn't possess the speed, and has a long stride for a WR his size. He is also not the most athletic, but he can improve his odds at getting separation and even punish CBs who try to press him at the line.

And now let's get into my favorite part of Antonio's game. The man uses brute force and imposes his will on defenders. here is a clip from the game against Syracuse (2019).


AGG went BEAST MODE on Syracuse defenders. he catches the ball on a slant route, stops, then starts up towards the side line where he gives not one, but two big stiff arms and the just kept his feet churning, with a defender strapped on him like a cheap suit, and drags him for TEN YARDS! this is the type of play that will drop jaws on the floor. Absolutely Insane!

Well this is about it folks. AGG is projected to go as a day 3, I would say either rounds 4-5. If he has a good senior bowl (which is the reason I wanted to finish this before Saturday 1/25/20), I expect him to start rising up the boards, and may even become a day 2 pick. This draft is saturated with good receivers, and I just wanted to shine the light on a small school prospect, who can make a big impact for any team (hopefully our team) in the NFL. Would love to see your thought in the comments. Thank you all!.

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