Jets Mock Offseason: The Free Fall of Wirfs

I do not think it is any secret that the Jets failed to live up to expectations last season. The defense probably outperformed their talent level, but still was not all it was cracked up to be. The offense, well, let's just say that I would not be surprised if they struggled against a college level team. You can place blame on injuries or coaching, and you could make a valid argument. However, the biggest issue surrounding this team is simply bad players and bad contracts. Outside of Sam Darnold, we have not taken a first round offensive player since Mark Sanchez, another quarterback. We are very deficient in both offensive line and playmakers. The good news is the NFL is set up for teams to rebuild quickly, so we take a dive into what a positive offseason would look like.

Cap Space and Cuts: Currently the Jets have $51.3 million in cap space. The cap savings will be in ().

Cuts: Brian Winters: ($7.2 mil)- I cannot envision a scenario where Winters is worth even half of his contract. He spends more time getting pushed around and on his back than throwing blocks.

Josh Bellamy and Jonatthan Harrison: ($5.5 mil)- I put these two together because of identical cap numbers, and the just are not very good players. These are league minimum type players.

Daryl Roberts: ($6 mil)- A very below average starting corner. We should be looking upgrade with a younger cheaper player.

Blake Countess: ($1.2 mil)- I'll be honest, I had to look this guy up. I had no clue who he was. On a team riddled with injury that is an issue.

Trenton Cannon and Josh Malone: ($1.3 mil)- Two guys that just cannot seem to find much impact on a bad offense.

Trumaine Johnson: ($3 mil)- It is pretty telling when a team will give you $12 mil to not show up.

Cap After Cuts: $75.5 Mil

Resigning: Cap Hits in ().

Jamal Adams: 6 years, $105 mil ($15 mil total $9 mil extra): The best player the Jets have drafted in a long time. He is young. He is a leader. He talks the talk and walks the walk. Simply put, he is one of the best defensive players in the game.

Brian Poole: 4 years, $47mil ($11 mil): I am a little more hesitant to most to reward Poole with a contract extension, because of how much slot performances can vary. However, Poole proved to be a solid slot corner.

Aurther Maulet: 1 year $1.2 mil($1.2 mil)- Maulet was okay in spot starts. He held his own a few games. He got burned a few games. He is probably better served in Nickel and Dime packages, but is a step above a bottom of the roster guy.

Paul Worrilow: 1 year $.8 mil ($.8 mil)- A good rotational guy and seems to be a guy Joe Douglass likes.

Alex Lewis: 2 years $3.2 mil ($1.2 mil)- Another guy how is right at the fringe starter level. The Jets line was a mess. It is impossible to determine who was worse, or if there is a guy worth starting that just needs talent around him. My guess, Lewis would be decent, if he was the worst of your 5 linemen.

Cap After Signings: $53.3 million after the onset of the Jamal Adams' contract.

Free Agency: The goal here is to rebuild an offensive line and add to our defense. I do not want to head into the draft with tying to replace key positions along the offensive line. Rookies just struggle too much to be relied on solely.

Graham Glasglow, G/C, 5 years, $49 mil ($9 mil)- Glasglow has the ability to play center or guard at a high level. He does much better as a right guard, and is only 27 years old.

Jason Peters, LT, 1 year, $8 mil: Joe Douglass appears to value guys like Peters, who provide a veteran leadership, but can perform well. My guess is that was the attempt when Khalil was brought in. Peters has expressed a desire to keep playing and even switch positions if need be. He graded above an 80 at LT this year.

Bryan Bulaga, RT, 3 years $19 mil, ($8mil): Bulaga has had a career hindered my injury. However, when he is healthy he is strong and athletic. He is excellent in the screen game. He did not even allow a QB pressure through the first 7 games of the season. This will be an incentive based deal, with a decent amount of guarantees.

Xavier Su'a-Filo, OG, 2 years, $4.9 mil ($2 mil)- A rotational guy that has been buried on the depth chart in Dallas for years. He provides depth, and has a chance to start along the line.

Jimmy Smith, CB, 3 years $31 mil ($9.5 mil)- A similar player to Richard Sherman, and almost an identical contract. Smith is often injured, but is incredibly solid on the field. It provides Greg Williams with a guy capable playing on the outside.

Kyler Fackrell, EDGE, 1 year $2 mil, ($2 mil)- in 2018 this guy exploded for 10.5 sacks. Then the Packers added elite pass rushers, and he was phased out., and only had 1 sack this year. However, he is only 28 years old, and bets on himself with a 1 year deal.

A'Shawn Robinson, DT, 1 year, $3.5 mil ($3.5 mil)- This kid is only 25 years old. Injuries really held him back from cashing in in 2020. He is an excellent run defender, but can still apply pressure to the QB. He is also a massive human being at 6'4" 320 pounds. We take a gamble on injuries being the key to his injuries.

Keelan Doss, WR, 1 year , $.9 mil($.9 mil)- If you followed Doss last year during the draft, he was an easy guy to like. The question was, could he develop to be effective at the pro level. Well the answer was he kept getting better as the season went on. he only has 11 catches for 133 yards, but he seemed to figure out the game more as the season went on.

George Iloka, S, 1 year $1.2 mil ($1.2 mil)- The Jets need to add depth at the safety position. Iloka is one of those guys that is a bad starter, but above average role player.

Cap Remaining: $9.2 mil, this leaves just enough money to head into the draft and sign our picks. According to we need right around $8.5 mil.

Draft: Trade- Jets trade pick 11 to the Cowboys for pick 17 and 51, Cowboys trade up for Grant Delpit.

Jets trade pick 17 to Philly for picks 21, 85 and a 2021 3rd round pick.

Pick 21: Tyler "Badass" Biadasz, C- Simply put this kid is the best interior lineman in the draft. He is strong and athletic. He is a mauler in the run game, and very solid in the passing game. A less than stellar offense in Wisconsin does not really highlight how good this kid is. The only concern is he can lean forward too much, causing him to be off balance, but it is a rare occasion.

Pick 48: Justin Jefferson, WR- 111 receptions, 1500 yards, 18 touchdowns. 6'3" 192 stud of a wide receiver who has incredible hands. He is not the most physical player ever, but does an excellent job of high pointing the ball.

Pick 51: Trey Adams, LT- There is some significant concerns with his injury. Back injuries on a 6'7" 330 pound guy is nothing to joke about. However, this kid could be a long term solution at LT. He is fluid with his feet and incredible strong. He also seemed to get better as he season progressed, leaving me to believe injuries is this kids only concern.

Pick 68: Jonathan Greenard, EDGE: Greenard has all the bend and twitch you could want in an EDGE rusher. He may be a little light right now, but an excellent value with 9.5 sacks last season, despite missing a few games.

Pick 79: Daryl Williams, G/C- The Jets need a lot of help along the O line. Williams projects as more of a guard, but is versatile enough to flll in at Center.

Pick 85 (From Philly): Lamar Jackson, CB: After missing out on the real Lamar Jackson, we get a super physical corner from Nebraska. he is 6' 3" and is not afraid to smack some people around. He will have to improve with the faster wide receivers as he does not have the most fluid hips.

Pick 120: James Robison, RB- This kid amassed 1800 yards and 18 touchdowns this year at Illinois State. He is an elusive runner, but still weighs over 220 pounds. He is more of a patient runner than a ground and pound type guy, but a very well rounded back.

Pick 159: Denzel Mimms, WR: This kid is almost identical to Robby Anderson. Limited route tree, but really excellent hands. He is a pretty decent deep threat with a chance to develop into a really solid player.

Pick 208: Jalen Hurts, QB: I think this kid is a very limited passer as a pro prospect. Where I do like him is he is a great teammate, a hard worker, and a splash player. He can come in for a series or a game, and make a play. He projects as more of a long term back up to Sam Darnold.

Alright there it is, a January mock to rival NJB45 and make Broadway Jose upset about a January mock. If you are wondering where the title came from and why Wirfs is not mentioned before now, welcome to a GT7 offseason. It just does not make sense. However, it does give us something to take about. Thanks for reading and feel free to debate below.

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