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Adam Gase’s Monday press chat: Injury updates, receiver criticism, cornerback frustration and more

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Gase spoke to the press on a conference call on Monday. The focus was Sunday’s loss to the Bills and the path forward for the team.

C.J. Mosley and Quinnen Williams both sustained injuries in Sunday’s game. Gase offered a limited update on their situations.

On injury updates...

All of the guys are still being evaluated, we have a better idea, we are still trying to figure out how it is going to look for practice when we go Wednesday, whether or not we will have to hold guys out or be able to do something limited wise, so I would say right now these guys are trending as out for Wednesday’s practice but we are still holding out hope to see if there is anything we can do earlier in the week compared to later.

On if CJ Mosley’s injury is a long-term thing...

It is hard for me to tell because it’s all about how he reacts, all these soft tissue injuries. What he had was a groin, anything soft tissue it’s all subjective on how they feel. It gets so day to day and any kind of set back could pro long it, so we have to see how he feels every day before we get going.

On if they got an MRI...

Yeah, they were working through all that stuff later today, some of those guys might still be there.

On if Quinnen Williams got an MRI…

Yeah Quinnen (Williams) came out of it with an ankle sprain, when you see him, I think they had him in a boot and he’s walking around in the boot fairly well, which normally you see the guy with a little bit of a hobble. We just have to see how it plays out.

One of the most surprising developments of the opener was Ty Montgomery’s limited snap total. Gase was asked about it.

On why Ty Montgomery only had five snaps...

I mean that’s my decision.

On if Montgomery will be an important part of his team moving forward...

We’ll see. Everything is week to week, it’s how I feel during the play calling. If I feel like we need to be in those certain personnel groupings then I’ll do it, if I don’t that’s the beauty part of being the head coach, I can basically do what I want.

Uh, thanks for the insight, coach. It really gave us a view into the decision-making process.

Sam Darnold’s performance was widely considered a poor one, but Gase didn’t see things that way.

On his takeaways on Sam Darnold yesterday...

It was better than what I initially thought. There was a lot of good stuff. There was a couple of things I wish we had done differently at the end of the half, there was one play where he probably could have saved me on the play call. There was a lot of stuff where he tried to stay in there and take the shot as far the D-lineman driving down on him and he was trying to hang in there and make the throw, which he was trying to fix some of the mistakes that we’re making. There were a few things we have to correct in the back of the third quarter, early fourth quarter, but for the most part he did a lot of really good things, we just have to clean a few things up which is to be expected especially the first time out against that defense, but I was encouraged after watching the film, it felt different during the game and after going back and watching it, I feel a lot better how he performed.

That was a surprising takeway. Gase didn’t have positive things to say about his receiver play, though.

On if the reason they didn’t stretch the field have to do with the offensive line not performing well...

I mean if we just make plays all on the balls that we actually threw down the field that is a different number. We had opportunities, we had a chance to win the game, we have to come out of our double move, the guy falls down and we don’t come out running. If we do that, then all of a sudden, we’re scoring a touchdown. Guys have to do a better job executing what they are supposed to be doing.

Robby Anderson is the receiver to whom he is referring. I do think Anderson could have come up with a couple of the errant deep balls Darnold threw. But they were off target throws where Darnold deserves blame as well.

Not surprisingly, Gase did not think much of his team’s cornerback play.

On how he thought the cornerbacks performed yesterday...

I feel like we have a slight room for improvement, I will say that nicely.

That’s being extremely nice.