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Adam Gase’s Plan is Working

The week’s hot takes

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Jets Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images

Week one was a disaster that a lot of Jets fans feared, yet somewhat accepted as the same old. It’s a sad indictment of a franchise who hasn’t seen the playoffs since Mark Sanchez was the QB.

I wrote these up within a few minutes of the game ending which is about as hot of a take as you can get.

Hottest take of the week:

The Jets go 4-12 to 6-12 and Gase keeps his job. He gets fired after 2020.

Call it an overreaction to Jets history but I’m already looking forward to 2020 and Gase starting week one on the hottest seat possible yet somehow the head coach of the Jets.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole:

He planned on a bad year looking at the roster after the Draft. When he pushed Macc out the door, he figured he’d survive if a new GM was hired in the off season. His other option was being fired along with Macc when the Jets didn’t make the Playoffs. He got part one done.

He’s going to claim that he didn’t have an offensive line and that the defense needing fixing which is why Macc was fired. All he needs is to pull off a few wins here and there and maybe even upset a team. The Jets won’t sniff the playoffs either but you will hear the buzzword “progress” a lot despite on field results remaining about the same. It’ll leak out that the players are playing hard for him.

Here’s why it may work. Joe Douglas was hired due to his relationship with Gase. In no way does Douglas pull a Gase and fire the guy that got him hired in the first place, right? Instead as his first act as GM given a full offseason, Douglas gives Gase the benefit of the doubt despite growing unrest.

(Bonus side take: Douglas gives Gase a roster that is more to his liking for 2020. The Jets go 6-10 in 2020 and Gase gets canned at the end of the year. Sam Darnold is still underrated going into 2021 but the starter for whomever coaches.)

Second Hot Take:

Sam is still our guy despite a garbage game. He finishes in the top 15 QB’s despite a losing record.

Stats wise he was fine but unspectacular for fantasy owners with 28/41 175 yards and a TD plus a 2 point conversion.

He made only one borderline pass (that was caught by Anderson) but otherwise didn’t have many obvious mistakes that should have been intercepted. I can’t recall any other poor passes that the defense had a chance on, meaning if he missed, he missed only where the WR could catch it.

Unlike Rosen, he took care of the ball despite getting sacked multiple times. A rookie coughs it up. A player learning tucks the ball before getting hit or scurries away.

Speaking of scurry... this kid is mobile or at least tough to bring down. His ability to extend plays will be needed this year for sure.

This is a rosy outlook for sure, but that’s why it’s a hot take. I think Darnold ends up average to slightly above average this year compared to the league despite the OL and lack of WR. He’s got the tools and seems to be putting pieces together. Look for him to take a big step up later this year, barring injuries to his skill positions.

Mild take:

Bell/Mosley were great additions… even if Mosley misses time this year.

Without knowing the extent of Mosley’s injury and seeing exactly one game of Bell, I’m willing to say both look end up A+ additions to the team. Mosley looked awesome out there when he played, and Bell may be the best back since Curtis Martin to play for the Jets. I’m hoping for big things for both this year and expect both to do well.

Obvious take:

Macc/Douglas screwed up the kicker situation and another 2 kickers will end up on our roster.

Expect another kicker next week after a missed FG and XP. Mac screwed up by lowballing Myers and not even trying to get him a deal. Douglas never had a competition, and it bit him as most teams have found a guy. The Jets will be cycling through castoffs all year and will have a Chicago Bears-esque kicking competition next training camp.

Is it a take or fact?:

Jets roster still has too many holes to compete.

I will save some takes for next week, but this is pretty obvious. We have major issues at corner and offensive line. The Jets neglected those positions for years, and now it shows. I’m not sure throwing money at it will fix it, and it may take several Drafts to get those areas back up to snuff.

Take I’ll regret next week:

Sam Darnold bounces back with a huge week against the Browns. He plays well but not flawlessly and puts up monster numbers. The Jets lose late in a shootout.

Self Take O Meter: (A judge of how hot I think my takes are this week)

Medium sauce @ Bdubs

What are your hot takes?