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Optimism reigns as the Jets begin their season

NFL: Preseason-Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Each week during the season SB Nation will poll Jets and NFL fans on their thoughts about current events. It is called FanPulse. To sign up for FanPulse, you can click here.

As the opener nears, Jets fans are excited about the state of the team. 80% of Jets fans polled feel confident in the direction of the franchise.

The last time we asked was before the start of the preseason when 83% of Jets fans expressed confidence so the number is stable. Nothing happened in the preseason to bring pessimism.

SB Nation polled all NFL fans to ask the most likely team to go from worst to first this season. The Jaguars won in a runaway. 52% voted for them. Notably the Jets did tie with the Raiders for second at 9%. The question was asked before Antonio Brown’s two most recent meltdowns so the Jets might do even better if fans answered today.

The race after Jacksonville was admittedly tight with the Giants getting 8 percent of the vote, the Lions and Bucs getting 7 percent, the Cardinals getting 5 percent, and the Bengals getting 4 percent.