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Jets podcast: Changes to make

New York Jets v New England Patriots Photo by Billie Weiss/Getty Images

There will be no Jets game this weekend. The team is at its bye week.

Bye weeks are normally a time to reflect and adjust. There is no opponent occupying the attention of the coaching staff. The team can reflect on what it has done well and what it has done poorly. Changes can be planned and incorporated.

The early bye for the Jets might make this difficult under normal circumstances, but the circumstances are not normal for this team. The Jets find themselves at 0-3 and producing at a historically terrible rate on offense through the first three games of 2019.

On today’s podcast I offer some thoughts on what the coaching staff can do to try and get this thing running smoother. Personnel remains an obstacle, but there are some ideas out there capable of making things at least a little bit better.

Thanks as always for listening to the show.