Marko's Week 3 Uniform Review

The less said about this game the better. The Jets are off to a rough start, but they have a lot of injuries. How well does a third string quarterback, making his first start, in the home of defending champions usually go? Hopefully we’ll come out of the bye week healthy and win a few games

As for the uniforms, I was hoping the Jets would wear their white jerseys with the white pants and the green socks. It looked good in the preseason, better than the green pants and green socks with the white jersey they wore yesterday. Readers of my previous columns know I hate when teams wear socks and pants that are the same color. We have now seen that the green socks look good with the white pants and bad with the green pants. This is a C-. (I would like to see the black socks with the green pants.)

The Patriots get a B for their solid, if uninspiring, blue, jersey, silver pants, blue socks look. The Cowboys have a better silver and navy outfit. The Patriots old red white and blue uniform is better than the current one. This one is fine, but it could be a lot better. For one thing, I don’t like when teams put the same logo on the shoulder of their jersey that they have on their helmet. It looks a lot cooler when teams place a secondary logo, or some stripes in that area. The Eagles, for example, have wings on the helmet and the head of an eagle on the shoulder of the jersey.

Speaking of the Eagles, they are the Jets week 5 opponent and I look forward to reviewing which team makes better use of green black and white. I may also get into why it was folly for the Jets to take black as their third color, because the Eagles already wore green, black and white uniforms. Enjoy the bye week.

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