An Open Letter to the Johnson's

Well, they say the first step is admitting it, so here I go. I'm a Jetsaholic. When it came to sports, my dad seemed to always get it right to teams to root for, but he got it wrong when it came to the Jets. I was born in the late 80's, early memories include guys like Blair Thomas, Al Toon, and Rob Moore. I grew accustomed to mediocrity with the Jets. I remember watching the 95 draft and being confused on why the fans were booing when the Jets drafted. Later, I realized it was because they took Kyle Brady over Warren Sapp that year. But still, I kept hope. I remember the Monday night miracle, the few solid years behind Pennington, and as time went on, the hope that guys like Mangini and then Rex brought. My brother and I bought season tickets for the first time in 09 and it was exciting. A team with a rookie QB, a powerhouse run game, and a powerhouse D were getting us deep into the playoffs. As I watched the Colts beat us in the AFC Championship game, there was a lot of hope and optimism about the future of the team and the new stadium. Mark looked like he could be our guy and we'd make another run. 2010, AFC Championship game against the Steelers and again, we left disappointed, but optimistic, Our optimism started to fade in 2011 as the team barely missed the playoffs, but Sanchez at least showed promise, putting together his best year as a pro, leaving us with hope that he could still grow. Then 2012 hit and all hope was lost. Sanchez looked terrible with no weapons around him. The once dominant defense wasn't so dominant anymore, due largely in part to Revis tearing his ACL. By the time 2013 hit, the optimism was clearly fading. We had a new GM in John Idzik who loved to hoard money, but not spend it. We rejoiced in 2015 when it was time to clean house. We hired Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan; two men who were well-respected in league circles. Little did we know that four years later, we'd be in a huge mess again. When they took over, our receiving core was thin, offensive line needed work, we didn't have a pass rusher, and our secondary was suspect. Mike tried to remediate that by adding Brandon Marshall, James Carpenter, and a slew of vets in the secondary. The problem is that over time, he couldn't keep up with it. His mediocre drafting skills, poor free agent decisions, and lack of decisiveness put us in a complete mess. This Sunday, we'll face off with one of the best Pats teams we've ever faced. While nobody, but Sam himself can be blamed for having to trot out Luke Falk, our o-line need a lot of work, our receiving core is thin, we don't have a pass rusher, and our secondary, specifically cornerbacks of course, is suspect. We haven't made the playoffs in ten years and we've literally had the same recurring issues for nearly a decade now. Our last legitimate pass rusher was John Abraham who hasn't been a Jet in 14 years. Our offensive line hasn't been a force since those playoff teams. Our receiving core was good in 2015, but beyond that, really hasn't been good since those playoff teams as well. So it begs the question, why the heck did we wait so long to recognize the incompetence of Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles as well? Mike provided limited talent and Todd got nothing out of the limited talent. So we moved on eventually. It started first with Todd. We had a chance to bring in a new coach. A guy who could establish a culture and bring a new energy to the Jets. And who do we hire? An "offensive guru" who hasn't done anything "guru-like" in years and also managed to alienate his best players in his recent tenure. Typical. Johnson. Move. Now, I have no issues with Mike Maccagnan being fired and replacing him with Joe Douglas, but why the heck did we trust him to draft again? Free agency so far seems all right with Bell, Mosley, Crowder, etc., but the draft has a lot of question marks on it with the most obvious being Jachai Polite. Just...why? No offense to Trevon Wesco, but did we really need a backup TE that desperately in the fourth round? These holes on our roster could've been addressed if we had a GM who could evaluate talent. Chase Winovich had 1.5 sacks last week and seems like he would've been a solid get over Polite. Instead of Wesco, we could've had Riley Ridley, Iman Marshall, etc. And if you're going to take a corner, might as well take a guy who can't stay on the field, right? So now, here we are, just like we are every year wondering "when will the misery end?". When will we get the o-line we need to protect our franchise (hopefully) QB? When will we get a group of competent receivers and potentially, a number one receiver? When will have a guy that can get consistent pressure on a QB or at least get some coverage sacks? It seems like we'll have to wait another year to find out. Joe is projected to have 40+ mil in cap space as of now and that'll go up rapidly as his slices and dices through this roster and tries to find the guys that he thinks will bring this team back the playoffs. Free agency looks relatively promising; there are some solid receivers and very good interior linemen. On the defensive end, there are some big names for edge rusher and cornerback, but a lot of these guys will be franchise tagged. Hitting in the draft will be the make or break, just as it is for every team. The teams that seem to be on the rise or who have been on the rise, all drafted well. The ones that continue to flounder are the ones like the Jets who rarely find the mid-round steals and rely on free agency way too heavily. At some point, the fans need to say to themselves, "enough is enough, we deserve better". We've watched thousands of hours, both in-person and on TV. We've wasted those hours. We've ruined our Thursdays and our Sundays and our Monday. We've been loyal. We deserve better.

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