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The Jets Are Who We Knew They Are

The Jets are a garbage fire and it starts at the top

NFL: Cleveland Browns at New York Jets Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I hate this, but the Jets are due for another awful year. This team just was noncompetitive with the Browns. Let that sink in.

It’s the same old garbage and it starts with this:

Hottest take of the week:

Mike Maccagnan is the worst GM in the history of the Jets. It may not be close.

I rate him ahead of John Idzik. Idzik drafted Enunwa in the sixth round and Winters in the third. Somehow that means he’s better than Macc despite his record.

Meanwhile let’s rundown Macc’s moves by worst:

  1. 2016 Draft: Drafted Christian Hackenberg with A second Round Pick. The same year he drafted Darron Lee with a first round pick. His other picks are at best adequate, including a punter.
  2. Hiring Adam Gase: The Jets hired a guy who went 23-25 and was reportedly hated by the players in Miami. There were other options.
  3. Trumaine Johnson: This guy is either hurt, not good, or both. It’s now on year two, and he’s getting benched. Yikes.
  4. Bringing back Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie: Revis I get because he was decent the year before, and you know he has history here. Cromartie was washed up and showed as much.
  5. Leonard Williams: I remember how excited we were that he fell so far. Maybe every other team saw something about him that we ignored. Or perhaps we thought we were smarter than every other team. For that matter, every one of his drafts were garbage.

Simply put, he did nothing but set this team back farther than John Idzik did. His legacy continues to grow in the negative direction.

Second Hottest Take:

Adam Gase thinks he’s smartest man in the room despite the fact he’s never been good:

I quote John B who puts it perfectly:

First three series. Handoff to Bell followed by 2 failed dropbacks.

We’ve got a top five back and no starting QB, and people don’t have an issue with that gameplan?

it might not be a bad idea to feature the one premium asset this offense has.

Let’s ask this another way. Does Adam Gase inspire you the way that Rex Ryan inspired you? Do you think he gets the most out of his players? If you had to have a head coach for a game would you choose Adam Gase, or blindly take anyone else figuring the field would be better?

I can’t answer anyone of those in the positive, but let’s also show why this team is 0-2. I almost miss skinny Rex, almost.

The line doesn’t block as a unit and doesn’t protect the weak link of the left. (See my article last week.) The offense isn’t innovative, doesn’t use Bell enough, and the same issues continue to pop up despite changing personnel.

This is the same story as Miami. I’ll say it again. Gase will somehow make it to 2020 even though it’s obvious he’s nothing but a terrible head coach.

Mild Take:

The Jets have a kicker. Woo.

Obvious take to me:

Kelvin Beachum and Trumaine Johnson are the worst starters on this team.

Tru got benched deservedly. I wouldn’t be shocked if he gets cut the first day it makes financial sense. Beachum is a turnstile and won’t be back if the Jets want to contend. Both players should be easily replaced in the offseason. Thanks again, Macc.

Is it a take or fact?

Without Sam Darnold, the Jets have no hope of winning games this year.

Get well soon.

That said, Gase, don’t rush him back for your own good. He’s the future right now.

The Jets will be 5-11 or worse.

Adam Gase is not a good head coach. The roster is thin. Sam is hurt. Our season is over. It’s Week 2, and our season is over. I can’t believe it’s that point

Take I’ll regret next week:

The media turns on Adam Gase, and he suddenly starts throwing everyone under the bus.

Self-Take-O-Meter (A judge of how hot I think my takes are this week): Pineapple Salsa

What are your hot takes?