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Sam Darnold says he’s hoping for a Week 5 return vs. Eagles

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Jets quarterback Sam Darnold, who is out of the lineup with mononucleosis, spoke with Michael Kay’s radio show this afternoon about his status. Darnold indicated he is hoping to return to the lineup after the Week 4 bye.

I know Darnold wants to get back onto the field as quickly as possible.

It will be good for the Jets for him to return at quarterback. I think the instant he is over mono, is back to full strength and conditioning, and has ample preparation he should return to the field.

I also don’t think he should return an instant before all of those things have happened. There should be no rush to get him back out there. There might be a temptation to have him get out there as quickly as possible to try and save the season. That temptation should be avoided.

The season is likely gone. Even if it isn’t by some miracle, Darnold’s long-term health is more important than any short-term gain.