Don't Hold Falk Back

This may be an unpopular opinion, and it's not really backed by any sort of evidence, but I think the offense has a higher potential with Falk under Center than it did with Siemien. To be clear, I'd never wish an injury on Siemien or any other player, it's unfortunate and flat out sucks for Trevor. What I'm saying is, I have more interest in watching this offense play next week with Luke Falk than I did with Trevor Siemien last night.

Siemien is the prototypical backup QB. Weak arm, safe throws, don't lose the game. While that's functionally appropriate for his role, we'd be lying to ourselves if we said it's fun to watch. We know what he is, who he is, there's just not much intrigue. Falk on the other hand is an unknown quantity. All we know about him is he put up nice numbers in the Air Raid at Washington State and he was a 6th rounder last year. He could be trash, he could be mediocre, he could be decent, he could be great- we just don't know yet- and that provides a reason to watch. In a season where everything has gone wrong, Luke Falk gives us something to watch and hope for. For as poor as the team played last night, Falk was still 20 of 25 for 200 Yards. That's pretty darn efficient if you ask me. Give him some more reps with that supporting cast and maybe some of those stalled drives turn into points.

I remember Falk having quite a few fans during the 2018 draft here on GGN. I wasn't one of them, but that was because most people who like him wanted him in round 2 or 3, which was too rich for my blood. I had a 4th or 5th round grade on him, meaning I thought he was a borderline future starter/long-term backup. If Falk can show flashes of starter qualities, not only does it give the jets a chance to grab a few W's before Sam comes back, but it also builds his trade value. Look at AJ McCarron, he's nothing special, and the Browns were prepared to give up a 2nd and a 3rd for him until they screwed up the paperwork. Falk haas enough potential to at least be that level of player.

My concern is that Gase tries to hide Falk by going heavy run the next few weeks, but I implore him not to. Give the kid a shot to show if he's got something. Gardner Minshew was from the same school, look at what he's done in Jacksonville as a rookie, he's not a world beater, but hes throwing the ball well enough to keep them in games. Let Falk throw the ball, let him make some places, dont take the ball completely out of his hands.

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