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Jets Week 2 Anti-Game Ball: Kelvin Beachum

NFL: SEP 16 Browns at Jets Photo by Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Jets lost on Monday night, which means it is time to give out the weekly anti-game ball. We are probably going to give out plenty of these this year.

As a reminder, we typically try to avoid giving it to the quarterback or repeat recipients during the season. The quarterback is too obvious. If you’ve already gotten one anti-game ball, odds are you are among the worst players on the team and a candidate for others as the season progresses.

In this game I am going with Kelvin Beachum. He had a nightmare game against Myles Garrett. He was responsible for multiple sacks and multiple penalties.

One might expect Beachum to have a rough game against Garrett. Garrett is a premium pass rusher. Beachum is an unspectacular left tackle. The Jets also didn’t do Beachum many favors scheme-wise by leaving him one on one so frequently.

With that said, it would be difficult to have a worse night than Beachum experienced.

For those reasons he gets my anti-game ball.

Who gets yours?