Marko’s Week 2 Review: Stealth Black Debut

Marko’s Week 2 Review: Stealth Black Debut

Can you recall higher hopes more quickly dashed? Can you recall an athlete of Sam Darnold’s stature being out for 6 weeks with mono?

I liked the Jets chances to go 9-7. The quants didn’t like the Mosley or Bell signings. The data suggest that off ball linebacker and running back are not valuable positions in today’s NFL. Marko remained hopeful, Bell and Mosley are good players, and Darnold would take a step forward, and the D should be good, if they can find edge rushers AND corners AND if the cobbled together O-line gels, and maybe this is the year Enunwa becomes his best self… Anyway, on to the uniforms.

I so liked the Jets’ look last week that I hoped they’d go green jersey, white pants, green socks again, but no, it’s Monday Night, the all black uniform must debut. I expected to hate it, but it looks better on the field than it did in the studio. I do think it would look a lot better if they swapped out the black socks for green socks. That is going to look very Eagles, because the Eagles have had green, black and white uniforms for some time now, but I would still like to see it. I would also like to see the white pants with the black jersey. I’ll give the new "stealth black" look a gentlemen’s C.

The Browns white jersey, white pants combo is probably their best available look. When one’s colors are brown and orange, less is more. I like the stripes. That white stripe between two brown stripes on the helmet is classic. Paul Lukas calls it the "NFL Stripe." It reminds me of the rep tie. The orange stripe between brown stripes on the jersey and pants also work. I don’t know why they decided to write "Browns" on their pants, but I do know it is a mistake. The stripe should go all the way down. Write "Browns" on the helmet if you want the word on your uniform, like the old Giants or current Jets. Last thing, white socks with white pants is a mistake. They should be wearing orange socks with the white pants, or brown and orange striped socks. Flying colors at the calves is a best practice, especially with a white uniform. Here’s a weird thing I never noticed before: the Browns logo is an orange helmet. Coach Freddie Kitchens wore a brown hat with an orange helmet on the front. This is a total redo, D+.

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