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Jets fans have little confidence, but the Browns were the most disappointing team of Week 1

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Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The opening loss to Buffalo destroyed Jets fan confidence in this week’s FanPulse poll. Heading into Week 1, 80% of Jets fans had confidence in the team’s direction. This week only 19% of fans feel that way. (In case you were wondering, this poll was taken before the news came out about Sam Darnold missing time.)

The 61% drop wasn’t the biggest in the league at least. The Falcons (66%) and Steelers (63%) had a greater proportion of fans move from positive to negative.

Is there any hope? NFL fans voted on the most disappointing team of Week 1. In a landslide, the leading vote getter was this week’s opponent, the Cleveland Browns.

So there you have it. Jets fans aren’t feeling very good about their team right now, but they are facing the biggest disappointment of the opening weekend.

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