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Jets Week 1 Anti-Game Ball: Darryl Roberts

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

When the Jets win we give out a game ball. Losing is the opposite of winning so that requires handing out an anti-game ball.

Who deserves the anti-game ball for the Jets after their opening loss to Buffalo?

Originally I was leaning in the direction of Kaare Vedvik. The kicker missed an extra point and a field goal in his Jets debut (and finale). I ultimately decided against it for three reasons.

  1. The Jets later converted a two point conversion, rendering the missed extra point irrelevant.
  2. The missed field goal wasn’t all Vedvik’s fault. It was partially due to a bad snap and hold.
  3. After the two misses, the Jets took a 16-0 lead so the game should have been won even considering the misses.

Let’s be honest. Vedvik should never kick for the Jets again, but it’s a cop out to pin a blown 16 point lead on the kicker.

With that in mind, there were plenty of candidates for the anti-game ball. The offensive line did a lousy job blocking. The receivers couldn’t get separation. Sam Darnold was shaky.

Still a blown lead like this goes back to the defense. On that side of the ball, the corners stood out with particularly ineffective performances. Both allowed over 70 yards in coverage and passer ratings over 100 when targeted.

But Roberts was beaten for the game-losing touchdown in the fourth quarter. He even committed a penalty in the process. An earlier penalty wiped out an interception.

With that in mind, I present my first anti-game ball of 2019 to Darryl Roberts.

Who gets yours?