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Four things I want to see from the Jets in the preseason opener

NFL: JUL 27 Jets Training Camp Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tonight the Jets take the field for the preseason opener. Preseason results don’t matter much. These games are more about preparation than performance for the important players on the team. Victory and defeat are irrelevant.

There will be some takeaways, though. Here are four things that would make me feel better leaving this opener.

No major injuries

This one goes without saying. It is awful to lose a player to injury at any point, but it is especially brutal to lose somebody in a game where the result is irrelevant. I don’t expect any key Jets starters to play more than a quarter and change. Le’Veon Bell reportedly won’t even take the field.

I tend to think the biggest win of preseason is keeping your important players out of the trainer’s room.

Cornerback competency

With the center position seemingly addressed, cornerback now appears to be the most glaring hole on the roster.

I don’t know that a quality performance by Trumaine Johnson or Darryl Roberts will necessarily end fears about the position, but it would be a nice first step. If Johnson and Roberts get lit up, it certainly will increase the alarm level.

A perfect night for Chandler Catanzaro

One of the ongoing subplots from training camp has been the struggles of kicker Chandler Catanzaro. The Jets still have not brought in competition for him.

To be honest I think the fear is a little bit overblown. There still is plenty of time for the Jets to get another kicker if Catanzaro’s struggles continue.

I think this might be an important night for him, though. If he was to make a couple of long kicks in a game setting, it would be easier to overlook his erratic camp and feel better about him.

A tight end not named Herndon standing out

The Jets are going to be without Chris Herndon early in the season, and the players behind him are not very distinguished. It is a golden opportunity for somebody in that group to stand out and claim the job. Even if it’s just a flash, it would be good to see the ability to threaten the seam from somebody else.