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Jets-Giants Preview: Q&A with Big Blue View

Ed Valentine answers five questions on the Giants from Michael Nania

NFL: New York Giants-Training Camp Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

1. How has Daniel Jones been faring so far, and at what point could he take over Eli Manning’s starting job?

Ah, that’s cheating! Two questions in one. Jones has done well throughout the spring and summer. He throws the deep ball much better than anticipated. He handled the press very much like Eli Manning, comfortably and without saying too much. He’s struggled more when he has to go through progressions or perhaps isn’t sure what he sees.

When could he take over for Manning? That’s the question, and everyone has a different idea on how or when that should happen. Reality is, the Giants would like to win as many games as they can and would love to make a playoff run. They will give Manning every chance to make that happen. At the same time, they would like to give Jones some experience. The most likely scenario is Manning plays until the Giants are eliminated from the playoff race. If and when they are out, Jones will play.

2. With Odell Beckham now in Cleveland and the injuries mounting, how have the Giants responded at wide receiver? Have there been any surprise names standing out?

I don’t know that any surprise names have been standing out. I think guys like Cody Latimer and Bennie Fowler are pros who know what they’re doing. The shame has been that fifth-round pick Darius Slayton (hamstring) is among the injured guys and is missing valuable time.

3. What is the Giants pass rush looking like? Which players seem poised to amass the most pass rushing production?

Having not played any games yet it’s hard to say, exactly. The player to watch will be second-year man Lorenzo Carter, an EDGE player who appears poised to take a big step forward.

4. What are your thoughts on how Pat Shurmur has done as a head coach thus far, and is there any heat under his seat?

I think that Shurmur has done OK. Listen, 5-11 seasons aren’t going to keep you employed. One of the big jobs, though, was restoring professionalism and getting the Giants back in order after an embarrassing 2017 season. Shurmur is a pro, a veteran coach, an adult, a solid guy. He’s done that.

In my view, I don’t think there is any “heat under his seat.” I think selecting Jones sixth overall gives Shurmur and GM Dave Gettleman at least a two-year window to complete a transition. Unless things go completely off the rails, which I don’t anticipate, I’d say check with me after the 2020 season and I will tell you how warm Shurmur’s seat is.

5. How high are expectations for the Giants this season? Do they need to be a winning and/or playoff team to avoid serious staff changes, or is there a sense of patience with the team’s building process?

Well, national media doesn’t think much of the Giants. Neither does some of the local media. The Giants won five games a year ago, and they would like to show improvement. How they measure that improvement -- in wins and losses or just in development of individual player -- might depend on when or if Jones plays.

The Giants are a conservative organization that craves stability and hates to make major changes. I think there is an understanding that the Giants aren’t where they want to be yet in terms of personnel, and that we now have to wait and see what Daniel Jones becomes. I don’t think Dave Gettleman or Pat Shurmur go anywhere until we see what kind of quarterback Jones becomes, and what kind of team the Giants become with all of the young players Gettleman has added.

Thanks to Ed for taking our questions. For more on the Giants, check out Big Blue View.