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Jets mailbag: How likely is an edge rusher likely to be a pleasant surprise?

New York Jets v New York Giants Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Today we have a podcast mailbag in advance of the third preseason game of 2019. Thanks to everybody who submitted questions. A mailbag show would be much more difficult to pull off without mailbag questions. If your question went unanswered feel free to ask it again next week.

On today’s show we look at the odds of Tarrell Basham being a breakout player for the Jets this season, whether the Jets could potentially look to land a linebacker cut by the Dolphins, whether the Jets should consider a World Cup winning soccer player as their placekicker, whether the team should get less active on the waiver wire, whether Eric Berry would be a smart signing, how good fans should feel about the current collection of linebackers, whether there are free agent linebackers and corners the team should target, and the actions of Baker Mayfield compared with Sam Darnold.

Thanks for listening.