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Kelvin Beachum, Ty Montgomery, and Trumaine Johnson are dealing with injuries

Green Bay Packers v New York Jets Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Injuries are starting to increase at Jets training camp.

Starting left tackle Kelvin Beachum left Friday’s practice with an ankle injury.

Starting cornerback Trumaine Johnson sat out part of Friday’s practice.

Speaking to the press after practice, Adam Gase confirmed that Johnson indeed is dealing with an injury as is running back Ty Montgomery.

A couple things, (Kelvin) Beachum went out with an ankle, (Ty) Montgomery went out with an ankle. We’ll just see how long those are going to be. It could be day to day, could be a week. We’ll kind of see, we’re going to evaluate them. Trumaine (Johnson) coming in today was sore, had a sore groin. He tried to go, we kind of pulled him out there towards the end, that’s where that ended up today.

The good news is it doesn’t sound like the Beachum injury is severe. Gase said as much.

I don’t think it’s going to be too long. We’re just going through our normal deal of just making sure everything is all right.

It was scary in particular to hear of Beachum’s injury. If you were making a list of the players the Jets can least afford to lose, Beachum would be high due to the importance of his role and the lack of depth behind him. It is good to hear he will likely be back soon.