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Gang Green Nation Highlight Reel (August 7th-August 13th)

NFL: AUG 08 Preseason - Jets at Giants Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Our readers’ and writers’ contributions to this site are a major reason why Gang Green Nation is the best Jets blog in the history of Jets blogs. No contribution, big or small, should go unnoticed. That’s why we’ll highlight some of the best comments and FanPosts on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, I bring to you, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel for the past week:

Top Comments:

On the Jets first preseason game:

A few things I learned tonight

Trenton Cannon is not an NFL player, but Greg Dortch is. Expect the former to be cut and the latter (UDFA) to be kept. Davis Webb is not an NFL QB, not even a #3, but Luke Falk is. Expect the former to be cut and the latter to be kept if we keep three QB’s. Chandler Catanzaro will not even be on the roster for next weeks preseason game. It may take longer to find our kicker, but that scrub is gone … this week. Trent Williams is more determined than ever to never play for the Redskins again and I pray to God we can land him for a 2nd RD Pick this week. The sky is the limit for Sam Darnold. Chris Herndon as well. Too bad the knucklehead got himself suspended for the first quarter of the season.

-Whiskey Slick

On Wesco’s holding penalty:

Wesco had a holding penalty

When the coaches told him they drafted him to fill Tomlinson’s role, he maybe took it a bit too literally…


On the Jets’ kicker tryouts:

I know it’s irrational, but I want no part of a kicker named Blewitt


Sam is only throwing TDs this just get someone who’s perfect on PAT


On Dak Prescott’s standing amongst other NFL QBs

I dunno man...

Ignoring more than a year or two, so we’re only thinking about cap hits and not the fact that Dak has more years in him than many of these players, who would you rather have? Dak Prescott or:
Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees
Tom Brady
Phillip Rivers
Ben Roethlisberger
Russell Wilson
Patrick Mahomes
Andrew Luck
Matt Ryan
Kirk Cousins
I think it’s a complete no brainer for those 10. I would personally rather have any of these guys as well either because I think they’re better now, have more upside, or under their current contracts are a better value than Prescott at 30 million+:
Deshaun Watson
Baker Mayfield
Cam Newton
Sam Darnold
Joe Flacco
Lamar Jackson
Mitchell Trubisky
Jared Goff
Carson Wentz
I would say all of the above QBs surrounded by the Dallas offense will perform better than Prescott. (Mind you, this is my opinion.) When It think of Prescott’s peers, here’s who comes to my mine:
Matt Stafford
Derek Carr
Andy Dalton
Nick Foles To me, Prescott doesn’t start to become the clear winner until we get to:
Jameis Winston
Marcus Mariota
Eli Manning
Nick Mullins
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Case Keenum
Josh Allen
The only starter I’ve omitted is Kyler Murray because he’s a complete unknown in the NFL. I’d roll the dice on Murry over Prescott at 30 million+ though any day of the week. I’m sure someone can break down all the numbers to tell me why I’m wrong about this but at 30 million a year—let alone 40—Prescott is not worth it. If I’m running Dallas, I let him test free agency and move on. Better to let a guy go one year too early rather than one year too late.

-cult hero

On the Jets’ roster and potential:

I have to say, after watching the last episode of One Jets Drive I’m a believer

I really think we got a good group of kids on this team who all got something to prove. I know our CB situation is scary but I think we are really strong in the middle of the field with fast guys who can run sideline to sideline. If our offense can be as explosive as some expect it to be theres no reason we cant claim a wild card berth. I love learning about the background of some of these rookies, it makes it so hard not to root for em!


On Bent’s scouting report of newly signed offensive lineman Alex Lewis:


Nice job Bent. I like how you sandwiched in the jail part. Like when I would tell my mom news. “How was my day at school? Well I got a good seat on the bus, then later I had a nice lunch, failed a bio mid-term, went to practice, made it home and took in the garbage cans. How was yours?”


On teams being interested in trading for the Ravens’ backup kicker:

I don’t want to hear this nonsense about trading draft picks for the Ravens kicker

Unless Justin Tucker is somehow available

-Scandalous Jack

Top GIF/Photo:

Jets fans after seeing all these injuries in practice.


So there you have it, Gang Green Nation’s Highlight Reel. Want to be featured next week? Just keep doing what you do, and more importantly, keep being who you are—after all, YOU’RE what makes Gang Green Nation so great!


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