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Jets mailbag: Can the defense succeed with these corners?

New York Jets Minicamp Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

We are one day away from another gameday. Tomorrow night the Jets will face the Atlanta Falcons in their second preseason game. Since it is a Thursday game, we will move up our weekly podcast mailbag to Wednesday this week. Thanks again to everybody who submitted questions. If yours went unanswered feel free to send it again next week.

On today’s mailbag we look at whether the Jets could actually move Jamal Adams to cornerback as Jamal suggested this week, how this year’s Jets cornerback corps match up with the infamous 2014 group, whether a salary cap is necessary for a professional sports league to keep competitive balance, the odds of the Jets being able to pull off a trade of a starting cornerback, how Gregg Williams should build his defensive scheme to work around these corners, and how much the intensity of training camp will impact the team.

Thanks for listening.